Facebook script needs update (depending on region)

Facebook changed the html for the count fields (on my side of the world).

I found the new "Jewel" counts and got the script working again for Firefox.
I did send an email to admin with the suggested solution.

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When you can't wait, download the script from here:
https://db.tt/79lQbSDB  (Rightclick: Save Link As... )

But remember to check the Scripts page for admin's possibly different solution.

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I monitor 4 Facebook accounts...one which I use regularly.  One of the other accounts is my wifes accounts and for the past several weeks it has been greyed out.  I gave your script a try and now all 4 of my accounts are greyed out....but it will take me to the accounts and login.  I revered back to the 02/08/15 script and the other 3 accounts went back to normal, but my wifes account is still greyed out and displayed as Not Checked.

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@Tr3b: You do use Firefox, yes?

My script version has a login problem with Chrome (and Opera, although I got it working one time on Opera). The script considers a difference in behavior for the login process between Firefox and Chrome. The problem might also be caused by the fact Chrome stopped support for Windows XP (and Vista). So my Chrome browser is not updating anymore.

Perhaps the Facebook servers in your region are still not updated to the new version... Easy to check: Login to your various accounts and check the html page source (Ctrl+U - Ctrl+F) for:
= old version:  mercurymessagesCountValue and notificationsCountValue
= new version:  messagesJewel: and notificationsJewel:

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Admin agreed to following solution, since this 2-way situation is lasting for a long time now:

When the "old" counts not get found by the facebook script, it looks for the new Jewel counts.

So, though this update is not yet necessary for a big part of the world, it might get necessary in the future. And the update will then silently keep your X-notifier working for facebook.  Time will tell whether the old counts become obsolete.

(Rightclick: Save Link As...)

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My Facebook account which was greyed out is now working again with y old script.  I did nothing to try and fix it.