Why count says 1(+1)

mail.com firefox xnotif 3.5.21
Why is my notification sometimes say 1 (+1) but only sometimes not all the time?
And how to post image in compose box instead of just .png link ?



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First one you did NOT checked yet... as count ONE.

For 10 minutes (depend on your settings) that you did not checking yet...

and there are NEW ONE that last time you checked, and one more email count added (+1)

Result 1(+1)

Good Logsic?

That is/was my idea to suggest to Tobwithu!

You can look old, old forum that we discuss about two years ago!...




Yes good idea and good logic CFBancroft but
if you look at my image above, the envelope reads still as 1 and I think it
should read as 2. Or even the 1 (+1) could read as 2 or 1 (+1) =2 if there are high numbers.


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"Also New Ones", it need to translate 30 languages...

(+1) no need to translate 30 language...

4 v.s. 13 characters, I pick 4 characters for this purpose
and no need to translate into 30 different languages!

Have not to do with math work!

How many people on this Earth will understand ENGLISH word v.s. Text Emoticons?

Smile   *v.s.*   :-)
Also New Ones   *v.s.*   (+1)


It *should be* write program alike this...

Open email...

10 min later
Add one more email...
1(+1) = 2 (math just ONE! plus new one)

20 min later
add three more email...
4(+1) = 5 (math just FOUR! plus new one)

30 min later
add one more email...
5(+1) = 6 (math just FIVE! plus new one)

I am not exactly pay attention on this math...
I just click and open without any fussy numbers.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say...



Yes no need for extra characters.
Is easy enought to calculate the addition in our head without the characters displaying 1 (+1) =2

But I still think the envelope should display the total of 2 instead of just 1 if the notification or tooltip displays 1 (+1)


But if too complicated then I guess it is not a good idea to do.


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There are about 200 scripts...
FIRST scripts DreamWiz date is January 6, 2010,
that mean 6 years ago!

Our idea/suggest regard to (+1)... it was 2 years ago!

Tobwithu try his best and make it possbile but not exactly math!
because of already create scripts... I guess he make possbile to work with
"currently and live with it". I am sure we do not want to play around with 200 scripts to math and match on (+1).

As you said "complicated?"
Are you willing to update 200 scripts to work with (+1)...
who will pay you work on this?

Tobwithu got DonationWare...

During 6 years... I join this forum for 5 years!

I did not thinking of it, until I came up idea 4 years later and it become "too late".

I just shut up my mouth and live with it... "too late".

I am just OTHER WebMailNotifier/X-notifier user...
I do NOT get paid when I typing this!
I just simple loyal user alike RpD, jeroen and others.