Often forgets account information

I use X-Notifier for a number of years, and X-Notifier removes all account information with all Firefox releases since then every time I relaunch my computer or Firefox, or if I wake up my computer from hibernation.
In Firefox I chose to have my complete history deleted on shutdown, so you might say, this must be the reason why. But I have this issue with no other of my dozens of addons I use in Firefox, so I reason it's particular to X-Notifier and its way to save account information during a Firefox session. And even when Firefox is not being shutdown (hibernation, meaning the whole RAM with the session settings being stored to disk), X-Notifier forgets the account information, which it shouldn't here!
Of course I use the option to restore my account information from an encrypted backup file, but it sucks to be forced to do this all time.
I suggest to fix what I assume to be an issue.