BUG: "Reuse/Reload Tab" stopped working for Hotmail/Outlook.live.com

Hotmail/Outlook.live.com has recently overhauled and updated their web interface.  Now X-notifier opens a new tab to view messages instead of reusing the previously opened tab or reloading it to refresh the contents as directed in X-n options.  It also appears that Hotmail/Outlook has now implemented a refresh command which works differently (faster) than reloading the page.  In fact, reloading the page is now significantly slower, causing Outlook to go thru a whole splash screen with progress meter process.  I'm hoping that the "Reuse opened tab" and "Reload tab" options can be updated to work with Hotmail/Outlook.live.com again.


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Dear Tobwithu,

Can you look into Hotmail/Outlook Scripts, if any need update it?

Thanks, CFBancroft

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Only true when you start the tab manually instead of starting the tab using X-notifier (logged in or not). And that goes for all accounts (wouldn't make sense otherwise).
Did that in fact work as suggested before?

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I can confirm the behavior described by HIGHTECHDUDE but only on accounts updated by Microsoft at the new interface.

Accounts still at the older interface behave correctly.