Recent gmail issues

I have multiple gmail accounts and recently two of them have stopped being checked ("not checked"). The others work fine. No changes have been made on the accounts. If I click each one, it opens up and logs in fine. I have removed and re-added the accounts, cleared the cache and cookies, etc. What else can I do to correct the issues on the affected accounts?

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I saw in another post that some people corrected this by changing their passwords ( I tried this and now this has worked. Why would this have been necessary? Now that the problem has resolved, I cannot provide a useful log, but is there a reason why some accounts would suddenly stop working while others were fine? Again, there were no changes made to any of the accounts, so it was odd that this happened to only some of them. I am also unsure why removing the accounts, clearing cache and cookies, and re-adding the accounts alone would not have resovled this.