Folder does not exist

Hello, I am using X-notifier v.3.5.21 with Firefox v46.0.1 in Windows 7 SP1 x64.

Since long time ago I have the same issue with X-notifier:


One of my Yahoo accounts shows a folder that does not exist named "Access". I have uninstalled several times both, X-notifier, and Firefox browser, but the same issue still appearing... How do I solve this?



PS Where I find a guide to install a script to my X-notifier?

If you go to, and login to your account, and look for Folders... you don't see any folder called "Access"?

When you uninstalled X-Notifier, did you redefine your Yahoo account 'from scratch'...(rather than export/importing)?

For Guides, you can go to the top of these forum pages and click "Forums", then click User Guide, and then...
How to add other email providers/accounts using custom Scripts feature


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Hello RpD, thanks for your early answer...!

Yes, I have got into my account, and I do not have any folder named "Access"... I have one named "Access 2009" with not unread mail...

Also, all my accounts have been redefined from scratch... Recently, I had an issue with Gmail accounts because an alarm came every time I log saying an unknown user were using my accounts, and that I have to change my password... I redefined whole my X-Notifier from scratch -deleting all my Gmail accounts :-( - and the issue still present...

The guide worked perfect, and now I have my account added and working. Thanks!!!

PS: I just renamed my "Access 2009" as "Access", and the issue resolved by itself... Now, it is okay...! Thanks!!!

Good idea renaming that folder, is what I would've suggested ;)

Just for information, CFBancroft makes most all the guides.

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@RpD Thank you very much for your help... issue is resolved, and the topic could be closed... Thanks a lot!!!