Please add support (script), this is must popular mail in Russia.

I just sand login and pass..


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Thank you for your fast reply

I am sorry but this script no longer working for me about 1 year, I have sand user and passwor from my accout you can check it now.

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Current script works fine with your account.

Perhaps you can delete the account and recreate it.
Make sure Yandex script is dated 2011-02-05.
Or clear cache and cookies, etc.

Just a friendly note:   English word is "sent" ..."I have sent user and password"
('sand' is what you find on the beach... grains of sand, sand dunes in the desert). ;)


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@RpD: Haha, But sometimes one can create one's own sandbox in one's user space ;-)

Hey, just because your english is getting better and better on this forum, doesn't mean everybody has to be the perfect englishman, yes... ?

In my region (Amsterdam) it is very late now... So before I will get too silly, I better logoff now 8-)

Keep up the good work.
Kind regards, Jeroen

RpD is an genuine englishman I believe ;) I didn't find any problem with rectify someone if he don't know good english. Sand is so far away in meaning from sent. :D It's better to rectify someone than to leave him in ignorance. 

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I was just kicking some sand, Vlada ;-)

Thanks Jeroen, I didn't figure so. No problem man, and sorry. ;)

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No need: I applaud you for defending RpD ;-)

I is a 'merican speaker... <don't quote me on that> ...about as far on the globe from England as you can get (and be in the US).
Just another nitpicking geek perfectionist, although I try to restrain my grammar policing, at times.
As Vlada said, I thought I'd try to help improve Mr. Bero's English vocabulary.
(don't use "I is" though... just a joke ;)

Back to originally scheduled programming...

Since Tobwithu has verified that the Yandex script works with your account, Mr. Bero... there may be a conflict or bug with your X-Notifier installation... so, uninstalling/reinstalling may help.  Sometimes my accounts go 'offline' (stop checking) even though there's nothing wrong with the script and I haven't changed password... some little bug creeps in, something gets 'corrupted' and the account stops working.   Sometimes it lasts for quite a while, although I delete and recreate account, clear cache, etc.
Eventually it starts working again, for unknown reason.  This happens more often in Chrome than in Firefox... for me.

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I have removed and readded scirpt and now it was working fin

Thanks a lot

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Sorry to bump in this thread but is for a similar problem, Yandex.COM

I guess it shouldn't work with Yandex.RU script so try to edit it but it¡s not working

I only changed from to .com in script

Can someone give me a idea to make it work?


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Good time to all.
The script stopped working from

I understand that yandex changed the URL 2015г. 2017г.

And these changes (leading to a step increase) are likely to be of little importance.
this.getHtml(this.dataURL,"_handlers=folders"); в 2015г.
this.getHtml(this.dataURL,"_model.0=folders"); в 2017г.

Professionals, very much ask you to fix the script for Yandex.


var name="";
var ver="2018-02-21";
var hostString="";

function init() {
this.loginData=["", "login", "passwd", "retpath="+encodeURIComponent("")];

function getCount(aData) {
var fnd = aData.match(/"status":"ok","data":{"new":(\d+)/);
return fnd?fnd[1]:-1;
function process(aData,aHttp){
case ST_DATA:
return false;
return this.baseProcess(aData,aHttp);

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This process function seems redundant to me, meaning you can omit it because it doesn't bring changes to the process function in the underlying code.

You be right, omit the whole last part, excellent, thank you. And thanks also to those involved in getting this working again!!!