mail script logout

I use the script for mail dot com and whenever I visit to my email account, I always get this popup notification "You forgot to logout" in which I have to click it to close which slows me down.

But I ALWAYS click the logout button when I leave
So that makes me think that maybe this X-Notifier Script for mail dot com is not logging out after each check for mail, and maybe it needs to be to prevent this logout notification.
Could you please add the logout steps into the mail dot com script if that is what is necessary to prevent the logout notification?

Please respond with solution thankyou


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I don't know why...

What I did?

I just look at X-notifier, if any new ones, then

I use iPhone to check IMAP email(s) without worry about logout. not yet "premium charge" to me for use IMAP.

So that way I did NOT bother Tobwitu to update scripts.

Thankyou for your input CFBancroft.

This is a pic of the logout popup.
Then I have to click on the "Continue to inbox".

I only check in with the computer, not a phone.
I always click the logout button when leaving the so I should not expect the logout warning popup.

Would really like a fix for this please Tobwitu.
Please respond Tobwitu with your intentions on this issue Thankyou




I have reported this issue in the past and Tobwithu was able to fix it.... the current script is dated 9-11-2015  ...perhaps you need to update, as I just tested and it seems my script can check for email and it is not currently triggering that damn 'forgot to logout' nonsense.

Good luck.


Thankyou for suggestion RpD.

Well I am using the latest script April 11 2016 and the "You forgot to logout" notification is still appearing.

Can there be a fix for it please Tobwithu ?

And a fix for this double spacing when typing into this compose box in this forum?



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Shift Enter instead of Enter gives you single line spacing.
It is the common basic practice for staying in the same paragraph formatting style.

Thankyou jeroen for the great tip of Shift Enter.
Works !
That tip needs to be written up somewhere in compose box for others and
also in case I forget in the future.