Yahoo-Deleted old email keeps appearing in X-notified Neo

I have this issue since 14th Oct. I have deleted two emails via X-notifier Neo, and after that I realized it's not deleting from my email account hence I go into my email account and deleted the emails.

Now, these two emails keep bugging me whenever I open my browser which X-notifier will prompt to have new emails always, which actually are these 2 emails that I had deleted. The emails are no longer in my account, not in the Trash bin as well.

 I have tried to remove Chrome extension and added it back, it reacts the same. I have tried to clear cache, temporary files and history but that does not help.

Please help.

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Please check if you can see the messages when you search unread emails.

You can search them with

Smart Views -> Unread

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Hi tobwithu,

You are correct, I am able to search the two emails. It's bugged, no matter how many times I delete it, it will just re-appear. I have searched around and there seems to be no solution to this issue.

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This one for Gmail. (I know off topic, but no hurt to find out your Gmail account if you forgot or unable find one)