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Before any further please export your data as "back-up", peace in your mind.
If you already export last time? please give new file name
(for example include date 2013-7-4-firefox.xn and export it, so you have TWO back-up.)


Type 'about:config' in the location bar.
Check if 'extensions.xnotifier.version' is '3.__.__'
(That is your latest version number? If not)

THREE solution, it might help you.

  1. Please set ‘extensions.xnotifier.version’ to '3.__.__' to latest version number
    (Restart Firefox, if it does not working.)
  2. Uninstall/Restart/Reinstall latest version of  X-notifier.
    (Again Restart Firefox, if it does not working.)
  3. It seems that your Firefox profile is broken.
    Please create new Firefox profile and test if it works.

If three above, it does not help, please post in forum and ask for help.



  1. Check if your latest version number '3.__.__'?  (If not)
  2. Uninstall/Restart/Reinstall latest version of X-notifier. (if it does not working.)
  3. One more time restart(if it does not working.)
  4. Please post in forum and ask for help.


When you ask for help, please include all info:
Mac or Window?
OS version?

Browsers' version number?

X-notifier's version number?

Explain with your experience...

Thank you