I was finally able to get the new X-notifier to display my Hotmail and Gmail accounts but it still won't display my Yahoo Mail.

I still don't like it! It is not as usefull as the old version. I have switched to using Firefox as my primary browser as the old version stopped working on Chorme on my main PC but it still works on my old PC.

I have not been able to figure out why yet.

For the new Chrome webstore (blue) version... I manually logged into my accounts in separate tabs... then I could start X-Notifier and it would see all my accounts.  Gmail allows you to login to more than one Gmail account at a time... but Hotmail/Outlook and Yahoo only let you login to one account at a time.  (I chose to let Chrome save my passwords when I logged into my accounts.)

I prefer the older version at because it allows for custom scripts, etc.

@RpD I think you're misunderstanding the issue. It's not that we can't have two Yahoo accounts, it's that the plugin won't even recognize one Yahoo account. My account is also an e-mail address but it's all managed under yahoo. So I'm not sure if that has anything to do with that.I don't know if @machless2 also has an or email. But regardless neither of us can get the plugin to detect our yahoo email addresses.

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I need not working yahoo account.

Please let me access your account for a while, or create one for test.

I tested for '' and ''.

But I'm not sure if other domains work.

Please mail to

In answer to dpelletier360, no I do no not have either of those type of accounts.  I  only have

one  account.  As long as the Chrome version sucks or until something better comes

along  I will continue to use Firefox for my mail and Chrome for everthing else.

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Please test X-notifer Neo 1.0.8.

I just tried enabling v1.0.8 again. IT STILL WON'T DISPLAY YAHOO MAIL. I have switched to using Firefox where X-Notifier works perfectly. I would prefer Chrome so I will keep checking.

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Same issue here... I added my @ymail and it does'nt show in neo or shows in red  on the original xnotifyer

it'd be nice if both worked

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Not sure if related, but no harm to check:

Make sure you are not effected by Yahoo's security issue from late 2014.
Can you login manually? Are you prompted to change your password?

My Yahoo account was red lately in XN 3.5.23, although working in Neo...
Today I decided to compare the yahoo script with the version in XN 4.0.2 and noticed admin did make some changes there (oa adding the logoutURL and isLoggedIn function). Added this version to XN 3.5.23, but that didn't work either.
Then I realized clearing the yahoo cookies could help. But no (after restart).
But I got prompted about the old security issue and decided to change my password (and add mobile). After changing the password in XN Options both yahoo script versions started to work in XN 3.5.23.
I think it might got solved for me by clearing the cookies after all (since it never stopped working in XN 4.0.2 in my Firefox beta test environment).

And Neo still auto detects correctly.