I do not understand why the script done by Laurène BARRAUT does not behave the same way on my portable than on my desktop.

On desktop, it works allright.

On the portable, it does not watch for incoming mails and when I click on the name, it does not go to the account but on the login page of Zimbra ????

Any idea ?


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It's not the login page but wrong URL  (404 Not found + erreur 302).


Are you running the same operating system version, same browser version, etc?

I would suggest Exporting your desktop accounts... take to your "portable", clear your "portable" ...and Importing your accounts to it.

I assume 'portable' means a laptop?


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Estou tendo erros com o script disponibilizado pelo Laurène BARRAUT , ocorre o ULR errado (404 Not found + erreur 302) .