stopped working


From today morning X-notifier refuses to check for new messages, is there any way to check the script for it and repair it if needed?

First, you can try the troubleshooting steps here...

Then you can try contacting the author of the custom script...


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It was working yesterday and stopped working today in both browsers (FF and CF). I've tried FAQ suggestions, with clean profile and Xnotifier only mail isn't checking, tried to create log - it saves the empty file (0 bytes size).

Wrote to the author, will be waiting for his response

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I just fixed this by replacing to in the custom script and reinstalling it.

Here is corrected version:

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It works, thank you very much

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Maybe someone can update the original script...

Maybe someone can send any fixes to the admin at

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I've started the topic - I will send the modified script))

Thanks again

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var ver="2011-11-30";


var ver="2015-03-10";

Before update at Tobwithu's script page., что только у меня перестал работать?

works fine

Работает скрипт.

Simnet, спасибо, вроде разобрался. У мейла на днях обновился интерфейс, я нажал кнопку "обновить" и перестал работать скрипт. Вернул интерфейс на старый и скрипт заработал.

you can try contacting the author of the custom script...

Google Translate:
Вы можете попробовать связаться с автором пользовательского скрипта ...
Vy mozhete poprobovat' svyazat'sya s avtorom pol'zovatel'skogo skripta ...

RDP thanks for your interest and assistance. The above problem was connected with a new interface automatically applied to a new accounts. The user switched the old interface and x-notifier works again

Yes, I read his post, google-translated.
Still... the script should be updated perhaps.

у меня с новым интерфейсом работает этот скрипт :




var name="Mail.RU";

var ver="2019-09-19";

var hostString="";


function init() {

    var ar=this.user.split("@");







function getCount(aData) {

    var fnd = aData.match(/g_mail_events.+?(\d+)<\/i>/);

    return fnd?(fnd[1]?fnd[1]:0):-1;



function getIconURL(){

    return "";



Спасибо брат!

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Спасибо. Работает!!!

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Please share someone a new working script for

The above provided script is still workable for new interface

Hi guys, can anyone check what's wrong?