GMX how to configure?


for, i use script (latest version) but how to set server in option?I have test:,, etc...
when click => https://www.undefined/


I see a discussion that some must use, try...


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Don't work...

Firefox return :

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You should not use pop.
And the www is optional.

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I have clear cache, cookie etc... Not logged

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Did you read ?
Follow the guidelines and you should be ok.

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Hello Jeron sorry for replying here .. You answered my question regarding GMX script and hw to add them to for a new to add person but old with x notifier i tried for a week but then a glitch happeed with my forum mail and no matter how  many days i have tried for over 5 to get new password sent code to mail they never send anything oddly today it has worked to let me in but now the mail has descided to wipe i have no idea where my question is.. i did have it in my mail .. so i firstly wanted to thank you and who ever else is tryign to help and try again as i could see the forum but not get in .. sounds silly but i can't find how to find your own posts here so i am not finding my questions baout the gmx scipt and adding how to question and i wanted to thank you and those people and keep trying and also find out how to get my question page i have etried home and such in firefox forum and going page by page using ctrl find and my username i can't seem to find it .. sounds silly but not having much luck lately anyway finally back in hopeflly i can find it or someone can help me as i wasin  the middle of keeping to try thi way to do gmx and add a script to x notifier . thank you again did not watn anyone to think i am getting an aanser and ignoreing peope i dont do that seems not my 2 weeks for notifier or for net in general thanks again will keep trying to find the post(Firework39123.)hopefully i can find my quetsoin on forum link i do know you were one who answered as i was trying the things out when things went wrong. again all other peopel sorry i have replied here but is only person i can clearly remember name ad pic of thank you .

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I use hotmail, sfr, free, gmail and yahoo and it work....


gmx don't appear in log file...

Access to without this plugin:

I connect and this phrase:

Vous avez oublié de vous déconnecter !

re edit:

It does work ever get this message:
You forgot to log out!

and must manually connect so an update would be welcome if you will.

Best Regards,

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That is the reason the Xnotifier script gets blocked.
Sometimes mail servers give you all kind of warning pages after login, where you have to click a button to get forwarded to the inbox page. Normally you should login manually and make that warning page disappear, because the Xnotifier script cannot know what warning page your mail provider comes up with next. But when this page is part of a standard scenario of the mail server's login procedure, like in this case having to logout after a session, the problem can only be resolved (by tobwithu) thru a logout and re-login fix in the Xnotifier script.

Am I correct, RpD / tobwithu?

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After having a look at the  script I see it already is prepared for the logout reminder page. So... I was wrong. It is probably not the reason your login is failing, because you are the only one having a problem (I don't have a gmx account).

So, back to the troubleshooting post.
(You might start by re-entering your gmx password in the X-notifier Options window. Don't forget to click the Ok button after that)

[EDIT:  The script can accommodate the 'forgot to logout' reminder and still check for email.]

GMX bought and then I started getting that damn logout reminder if I didn't click the 'Log out' button... [I tested three accounts and] it does NOT interfere with X-Notifier checking for new email.  Any time I forget to click 'Log out' (or just close the browser or power fails...while I have inbox open), I have to go back later, open a new tab, go to, sign in, and click the "Continue to Inbox" button... and then "Log out" ...[to get rid of that darn logout reminder]... but it does NOT matter to the script for checking of email.

 So I'm retracting my earlier statement that it did interfere ...oh well.

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The script also contains that code, so perhaps it really does need a fix?

    case ST_LOGIN_RES:
    var fnd=aData.match(/tryToProceedDirectly[\s\S]+?(http\S+?)'/);
      return false;


  case ST_LOGIN_RES+1:
    var fnd=aData.match(/"logout_url":"((\S+?)logout(\?sid=\S+?))"/);

[EDIT:   I tested my accounts and the script -does- handle the 'forgot to logout' reminder... so I'm not sure what is causing a problem for Owned with the script.]

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Thank you, I'll wait for a fix or we will do with it :)

and no I'm not the only one with this problem, I have seen on this forum (or the old forum)

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Old forums last posts are 1 year and 10 months old.

I found one GMX post of 6 month ago (07/24/2014):

And then one of 8 months ago (05/30/2014):

These 2 posts are the only ones I found after last script update, dated 2014-05-21 . You can post links to other related posts here.

I suspect the problem got fixed.

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Obviously the "Allowed HTML tags", like <code>, are not working here. Also I have to keep entering the Captcha numerous times to post. Grrrr...

When you really get bored of it, RpD ;-) , you might have a look at the html of that 'reminder' page yourself and check if the text, the script code is looking for and trying to replace in forming the proceeding or logout url (check what it should be in the <form> of the logout button), has changed (f.i. tryToProceedDirectly, remindlogout, logout_url, servicetrinity/mails). Sometimes the solution is easy to spot. You might get lucky :-)

Hey... I edited my posts above because I tested my script by not logging out and forcing the logout reminder screen on my three accounts. Sent myself some emails and X-Notifier checked and found them all even though there were logout reminders set to display during the login process.  After X-Notifier checks, I verified that occurred... so I expect that it's not a problem on the GMX script either, but I don't have any gmx accounts.  Don't know what's causing a problem for Owned.  My X-Notifier checks and see new emails even when I have forced that logout reminder (by not logging out but closing the browser).