Doesn't seem to work if 2 step verification is enabled for Hotmail.

Recently set up 2 step verification for my Live account. At first X-Notifier worked fine. Didn't even pop up asking for a code. But just a bit ago it popped up asking for a code. Microsoft doesn't seem to realize it needs to send a code, because nothing gets sent to me. I cancel it, go to the page, do the code input myself, and I can check my email. But any time X-Notifier tries to check it, that box pops back up and no code is sent to me. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

As Carpadiopo51 is suggesting... I think ...can't you perhaps set hotmail 2-step settings to one single code-provision method, like, your phone. by default, always?  So that it doesn't prompt you for a choice?  Perhaps if a single default was set... then the code would be auto-sent and you'd get it on phone ...whenever X-Notifier checked ...then prompts for code input.  Just guesstimating/troubleshoot storming. ;}

As far as I can see it does not give you an option to just have it sent to one all the time.