Disappearing X Notifier

I've used this addon for years w/out a problem. Yesterday & today X Notifier disappears. It is not on my addon list. I go & reinstall X Notiifer then I click the options button and everything is already set up to my specifications. Why is XN disappearing? I have not made any changes to my computer, using Firefox 33.1 & XN 3.5.1

When I updated to FF 33.1, it made my whole user profile disappear... (moved it) ...so FF started up with a new profile, then I added X-Notifier to it and... as you say, everything was already set up as I had it in previous profile/version.  However, my X-Notifier is not disappearing.

I wasn't paying real close attention when I upgraded... I was tempted to recreate a user pointed to my old profile, but haven't bothered.

You might do an explicit UNinstall rather than wait for it to disappear... then re-install. Maybe it will clean itself up.  
You can export your accounts first, tell the UNinstall to remove user data... then import the accounts after re-install.
Just a thought.


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I have the very same problem.  Every time I start up FF 33.1 I loss the Xnotifier Icon. I then re-install Xnotifier and all my setting and addresses are there.  Please correct this as Xnotifier is unusable.

FF 33.1

XNotifier 3.5.1


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Since Firefox made updates to the way they keep profiles, I have not experienced any problems since I run portable versions.  If there is a problem with my profile, all I do is rename it and restore a previous version to see if the problem is resolved....or copy the profile from one f my other systems.

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X notifier disppears from my add-on manager also.  How do I do an "explicet uninstall"?

FIRST... Export your accounts... goto X-Notifier Options and click Export.

Then... instead of waiting for X-Notifier to disapper and then reloading...

Go to FF addons manager and click 'Remove' to uninstall it.
If it asks to delete user data... do it.

Then restart the browser, and install X-Notifier and go to Options and Import your accounts from where you saved the Export.