Correct Login

Hi, what's the correct login for Facebook?  Is it just my username on its own, or should it be something else?

 I'm not getting any notifications even though there are some there when I look.


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The username is the complete email address you use to login to facebook: <your username>@<provider.xx>

You have your browser remembering it and forgotten it yourself?
Go to your facebook and click on the dropdown arrow in right-upper corner of the facebook page. Choose Account Settings. There you find your primary email address.

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Thanks jeroen.

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Your welcome, Keith.

If you really want to catch most of the notifications and messages that are supposed to get your attention on Facebook... sure to UNcheck the box "Notify inbox only" when defining your Facebook accounts in X-Notifier. 
You can go back... to X-Notifier, Options ...and UNcheck that box, then reSave or OK.

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I never spotted that, thanks RpD.

And it worked straight away!!!

(I only recently noticed it myself ;)