[FF] How to Disable Alert per account [Advanced configuration]


For:  X-Notifier 3.4.5 and later

In the Firefox address bar, type... about:config
In the Search bar, type:  enabled
Look for extensions.xnotifier.accounts[yourHost#yourUsername].enabled:  2
Double-click that line.
Change the value to:  1
Click 'OK' and close the windows and restart Firefox.

That's it... that account will now be checked for new email but will not alert you with a pop-up.

(Short version wrote by RpD, Thank you)


(Long version wrote by CFB, with RpD's help correct the grammar.)

For:  X-Notifier 3.4.5 and later

Before going further, understand that you can enable/disable email checking completely, per account.
See X-Notifier "Options", Accounts tab, with the account list on the right side.

In the account list, on the left side of each account,
there is a checkbox to Enable (checkmark) or Disable (UNcheckmark) each account.
If UNcheckmarked, X-Notifier will -not- check for new email at all.
If checkmarked, X-Notifier will check for new email, and,
if there is any new email, X-Notifier will show a number on the X-Notifier envelope icon,
and also 'alert' you... by popping up a little window showing accounts with new email.

If you want to have X-Notifier check for new email,
but disable the alert pop-up for a particular account...
you can edit the configuration settings.

The normal value settings (controlled by the checkbox) are...  

  • 0 : do not include the account in email checking (UNcheckmarked/disabled)
  • 2 : include the account in email checking and alert (checkmarked/enabled)

However, you can edit the X-Notifier configuration to use another setting...

  • 1 : include the account in email checking, but without an alert  (this will show as checkmarked)


To Edit the X-Notifier Settings:

In the 'location bar' (where you normally enter a www. address)...
1) Type ... about:config

An "about:config" configuration editor window opens...
2) In the Search bar, type:  enabled

Then look for the account on which you wish to disable alerting...
3) Look for extensions.xnotifier.accounts[yourHost#yourUsername].enabled: 0 or 2

Double-click that account .enabled line, and a value input box pops up...
4) Change the value to: 1

5) And click 'OK'

6) Close the windows, and restart Firefox.


If you again look at X-Notifier, "Options", Accounts tab...
your account list will show your account with a checkmark (enabled),
but now it is set only to check for new email but not alert you...
since you set the configuration to "1".

If you click on the check box and UNcheckmark it, the setting reverts to 0 (disabled)...
and you will have to edit the configuration setting again if you want to set it to 1 (no alert).  
Clicking it back again, to checkmark the box, will set it to 2 (enabled with alerts).

Configuration settings:

  • 0 : do not check for new email (UNcheckmarked/account disabled)
  • 1 : check for new email but without alerts (checkmarked/enabled without alert)
  • 2 : check for new email and generate alerts (Checkmarked/account enabled with alerts)

So you will ENJOY Email notification without Alert notify!