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So first of all thanks for this new feature, it is great. As you asked on twitter, I'll be using this forum to give you feedback which will hopefully be of good use.

There was one RSS feed causing trouble, and I set up some other stand-alone feed notifiers to check if it also triggered those. Turns out XN is the only one that gets triggered, and specifically when the blog's post in question has new comments, which is weird because wordpress has a completely separate RSS feed for comments. I even made my own test blog to see if I was correct and sure enough it happened again.

So there's that, and I hope you can squish this silly bug =D Hopefully no more weirdness happens but I'll let you know if it does!

Also putting this suggestion here if people want to discuss it: grouping RSS feeds since they can become quite numerous some times.

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RSS script in X-notifier is very simple.
If it is different from the previous copy, X-notifier notify it.

To fix this problem, I need two copies of RSS page(Before and after the notification).
With them, I can decide which parts should be ignored.

Please mail to

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You can group X-notifier accounts with alias like 'Group1/Alias1'.
This applies only for X-notifier window and sidebar.

Oh that's too bad, it's the right click menu that really needs this, at least for me. I understand if it's not possible.

Also sent you the email.

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As Tobiwthu explain above...

I give you TWO examples, you pick which you like it.

With 'RSS' word.

Without 'RSS' word.

You will get correct Favico, and your arrange in your X-notifier.

I'm trying the new RSS version.
I clicked an RSS link and popup asked what reader and I chose X-Notifier, got the Options, clicked OK, account was added.

Then Notifier indicated new post for RSS acct, and I clicked to open it... and FF asked me to subscribe again.  It's always at the top of the RSS when I open it, asking me to subscribe.

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Will this notify if new feed info is available?

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I'm trying the new RSS reader functionality, and it works fine until I want to read a new post that I've been notified about.  When I click the icon, the X-Notifier Options dialog pops up.

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Open Firefox Options -> Applications -> Web Feed
    Set to 'Preview in Firefox'

Above happened when you set 'Use X-notifier'.
I fixed X-notifier to change the value automatically.

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Open Firefox Preferences... -> Applications -> Web Feed
    Set to 'Preview in Firefox'

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There is one more issue I noticed.  I have X-Notifier tracking the following feed.  It keeps telling me there's a new post on the feed when there isn't.

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Please reinstall X-notifier 3.2a.Test if the above issue is fixed.

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I uninstalled X-Notifier 3.2a and then reinstalled it but it keeps detecting new posts on the feed when there are none.  When I uninstalled it, I told it to keep the settings.  Should I have deleted the settings, too?

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Please send me( the source of
Open rss page in firefox.
'Ctrl+U' will show the rss source.
'Ctrl+S' will save the source.
I need two copies - before and after the notification.

With them, I can find which part should be ignored.