[FF] feature request

hello, love this extension but have a couple of requests if it's possible.

i would like to be able to change the text colour for the alert window. at the moment i can't read the blue text, it's just too faint and i'd like to be able to change it to black.

it would also be useful to have a toolbar button for "check all emails now". at the moment i can right-click then "check now" in the menu. but it would be useful to have a simple "check now" 1-click button that i can drag onto a toolbar


thanks a lot for this extension, it's great

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I will think about your request.

'Shiflt+Click X-notifier icon' does 'Check all emails now'.

Perhaps the Shift + X-N icon, could change to... double-click X-N icon (even when new mail count shows), to cause a 'check now'... like how Chrome version works, yes?  But, perhaps Mozilla-base is too different? Just a thought.


ah, didn't know about the shift-click

actually there is also one thing i noticed with version 3.1.3. that if the alert box has multiple email addressed in it, when i click on an individual email it doesn't disappear from the alert list. i have to click on all of them and then the whole list disappears.

in previous versions each email address alert i clicked on would be removed from the alert list one by one, once it had opened


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Need confirm from Tobwithu, Can I use anything HTML Color Code?
Required to use "color:[color pick]" or just type Black and #ooooFF?

extensions.xnotifier.alertTextStyle : [blank = default]

to 'color:black', to change the text as black?
to 'color:#0000FF' to change the text as Blue?


to 'black', to change the text as black?
to '#0000FF' to change the text as Blue?


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Actually, you can set 'style' attribute with it.
'color:black' or 'color:#0000FF' is correct.

Does that mean we could set other style settings, like:   font-family:verdana   ...or...   font-style:italic ?

(CFB:  I'm going  to assume that we can use -any- color, with color:name or color:code
...but not by just entering:   name   ...or...   code.)

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