X-notifier to become RSS reader (notifier)?

Hello Tobwithu,

this just came to my mind, and just wondering did you maybe think about this - do you have aspirations to create xnotifier capable to read and notify rss contents? :D

After googles announcement that they will shut down google reader on 1st July 2013, I have been searching for a good replacement, and found out that I would need another chrome extension, another rss reader etc, for following my rss feeds, and just came to my mind that it would be really great if X-notifier would become capable to notify and maybe to read rss's. :D

What do you think about this idea? We would have than, in one place all our notifications.

I've started using this simple rss reader ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/slick-rss/ealjoljnibpdkocmldli... ), which I found out that it's the simplest way for my chrome to get the notifications, and the possibility to read rss feeds, and if that we could have in X-notifier, I believe it would be wonderful.

Just the thoughts from me. ;)

Have a great day and stay well you and all the participants here. 

p.s. Also, after 1st July this year, google reader scripts will become inactive. 


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Someone else requested this on twitter.
I'm thinking about how to implement it.

Thanks Tobwithu, wonderful. I didn't know that.

Collective consciousness is definitely ready to help you to create this. :D

I've tested now xnotifier 3.2a and when I click on the RSS in the icon ,to see what will I get, I got the page Add to Google:


I have 28 unreaded texts here ( checked in another rss reader ), and xnotifier don't notify me in the icon in the status bar. It still says No new messages. 

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It seems that you set to always use Google for feeds.
Open Firefox Options -> Applications -> Web Feed
    Set to 'Preview in Firefox' or 'Use X-notifier'

Thanks, now works great. It was really like you've said that I have had set to always use Google for feeds. ;)