Windows / Chrom settings to use

I've had x-notifier on Chrome for a long time on my Mac and two Windows machines (Win 7 and now Win 8).  I have personal domain GMail, regular GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail (now called Outlook) accounts.

The Mac almost always works on launch but not on either of the Windows machines.  On Windows, x-notifier gets hung on the Hotmail and Outlook accounts.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled.  I've cleared cookies and cache but it keeps getting hung.  If I go to Options and hit save (no other changes), it then logs in and works.  After I do this, it may work one or two more times and then hangs again until I do the Options/Save again.

I've read through some trouble shooting ideas in this Forum and tried to make a log but the log file is always just empty in the case where it hangs.

Are there any Chrome or other settings I need to set?  Again, it always works fine in Mac Chrome.


First, if you have Chrome syncing with your Gmail account, then it saves all your add-ons, etc to Google servers, so...One could export accounts from X-Notifier, and uninstall X-Notifier, and uninstall Chrome... and reinstall both.
A problem with importing your X-Notifier accounts may be that you could import the problem back as well, perhaps.

Second, which is probably not your problem, is that the webmail providers, particularly Outlook, Hotmail,, are cracking down on the frequency of mail checking and will stop responding if too frequent.  I think they mention 15 minutes, but may give a little 'grace' on that.

The Chrome setup seems more temperamental to me than Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey).