Auto logout at Chorme's close+disable auto-check at launch


I'm discovering X-Notifier for Chromium and I'm loving it. It'd be a perfect app if it was possible to logout my accounts automaticaly (4 Gmail, 1 Yahoo &  1 Hotmail) when I close chromium

For the moment, when I re-open chromium and show the basic Google official page, I can see that my Gmail accounts are logged by defaut... And it could be cool if i can find an option to avoid that!

I know that if I manually logout my accounts before close chromium, there will be no problem when i re-open chromium...

Am I missed an option in X-notifier option (why can't I checkout the "default" option for at least one of my accounts?)? 

Is it possible to create this option if it doesn't exists? (in the past, some extensions was able to do that in chrome: "Simple mail checker for gmail", "Gmail Multi-notifier", but theses extensions are only for gmail accounts, and their developpement are stopped...)

Thanks in advance for any response.

NB: Thus, is it possible to disconnect the auto-check at Chromium's launch? I'd prefer to use manually the "Check now" option only when I want to check my e-mails...

NB: Sorry for my poor english level...

I believe if you set all your individual email accounts specific check interval to:  -1  ...that they will not auto-check at all, so you have to manually right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon and click 'Check now'.

Thank you RpD! With your configuration (-1...), X-notifier never auto check! It's exactly what i'm lookin for! 

And what about the auto-logout? An idea? (and how to uncheck the defaut account?)

Thank you for your advises!

I think the auto-logout on browser shutdown may be a 'feature request'... either here in forums, or email to

And the 'default' account setting happens for each email provider, because of people having multiple accounts with a provider.  Mutliple accts on Gmail, -and- multiple on Hotmail, and etc.  So there seems to be a need for a default at each provider, not just one default for all of X-Notifier.  When you only have one account at a provider than it is obviously default at that provider.   You can always ask developer, but doesn't seem logical, given situation I've described.

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You can set Chrome's settings to delete cookies when you close Chrome.

Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Cookies -> Keep local data only until you quit your browser