How to request a custom script


Requesting a custom script for checking your email provider with X-Notifier

1) Look through -all-  if any script that will work with your email. See URL...

2) Note: see bottom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ...
Please click each, each, and each to make sure have any script for your email.

3) If do not have any script for your email.

4) You need create "Test Acccount" for example

xnotifier @ ___________ .com

5) You create any password, but do not tell us, only Tobwithu via email.

6) Send a test account to (Tobwithu)

7) Post in Script Request forum and say something alike
"I already send xnotifier @ ___________ .com to Tobwithu,
I hope he will write scripts for us, Thank  you."


Further reading from RpD! (He is good explain/written in details.)

You can find many custom scripts already developed for various email providers, on the X-Notifier Scripts pages...

- Look through -all- the Scripts pages (currently 8 of them) to see if there is any script already written that will work for your email provider. Some scripts serve several email domains (for example:,, and are all served by the hotmail script already included with X-Notifier).

- If you cannot find any script for your email, then you may request a custom script to be written by creating a 'test' account with your email provider, such as, and then sending that username and password via email to the X-Notifier developer at, so that the custom script may be written and tested. 
...(If you cannot create a test account, then you may provide your own personal account and password... just change the password before/after your custom script has been created.)

- To prevent abuse, do NOT post the test account username/password in the X-Notifier forums, simply email the name of the email provider website, and the username and password of the test account, to, which is the email address of the X-Notifier developer (Tobwithu)

- You can then post a request/notification in the Script Request forum stating that you have already sent your test account to, and ask that a custom script be created.