emails deleted

In the Firefox version, my emails to check somehow get deleted randomly (sometimes daily and sometimes every 4-5 days). How to fix please

Do you mean emails are deleted from your inbox?
Or do you mean the X-Notifier -count- resets/disappears?

X-Notifier only checks the new mail -counter- for your email account... it doesn't affect emails/folders.

What account is this? Gmail, POP3, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo...???


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Gads! What is this!

In options after I add the email accounts user names and passwords I want to be notified of when emails arrive in them, those email accounts are deleted usually every day but sometimes stay in place a few days. Yahoo 3 accounts, Gmail 2 accounts, Hotmail  1 account.

In short, I add the email accounts I want notificatins for but they are then deleted.

Only the Fx add0n does this. The GChrome extension works fine.

I do not think this is unclear at all.

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My suggestion is you should be more diligent inquiring your choice of words.

"my emails to check somehow get deleted"

How is someone to understand you mean "email accounts" instead of "email messages"...
When you want help from the genuine diligent RpD, get polite!! Otherwise f. o. !!!

(YeaH, what he said! ;)  (oops, sorry, that was a joke)

diligentenquirer...  Sorry I'm not omniscient.  What is this? It's a forum...
Forums are for users to ask questions back and forth to help each other, or wait for the software author to respond... forums are not for getting whiplashed because we have trouble understanding.  I see it took over a month for you to return to forum... perhaps you're a bit frustrated with the problem? (The subject of your post was "emails deleted", not 'email accounts deleted'.)

Do you have some cookie cleaner program or some other security software which 'cleans' anything?  It may be wiping out X-Notifier settings.  Otherwise, you can test your other addons to see if there's a conflict with XN... so, I'll leave that to you, and admin, to work out.  ... I doubt it's an X-Notifier bug (so admin may not be too concerned), but... (gads!  >;}).

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well, I got someones attention. my apology but I used xnotifer, donated, and with the main purpose of xnotifier to notify activity on the email(s) to check one enters. Mine get deleted, so I stated "myemailsto check somehow get deleted". That is clear to me.

Both the email accounts and email message  counts get deleted. All is lost. I have to resetup in options every time the deletions occur.

Xnotfier does not have the capability to delete (e.g.) yahoo emails, does it?

@jeroen Your reponse elevated what was simply my irritation, by your "f.o." fighting words abbreviation. Will not participate in a cursing contest with you. No thanks!

OK, enough "infighting" (so to speak).

@RPD. Tks for the useful question. I hvae yahoo, gmail and hotmil accouts. I use disk clean ccleaner and bleachbit every so often (about monthly), but I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling xnotifier so your "settings" thought seems inapplicable. xnotifier has always done this on Fx.

Arn't these "settings" eliminated on uninstall and new ones preovided on reinstall?

BTW, the "Gads..what is this" was meant to be directed to the situation I was describing with Fx xnotifier. Please Calm down folks. Smiles.

Is there an email notifier available for when a post is made. I did loose track of this forum's access. Kind of different than others.

Have a good ay and week ahead guys. Diligent


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Thought I try another uninstall reinstall to dbl check the "settings" possible issue. There was a window on uninstall I do not recall from before and dont think I did anything on the subjecct it addresses. It stated e.g. "do you want to save your settings?" I responded NO (to get new settings).

I now see new kinds of activity in the Fx xnotifier. VERY ENCOURAGING sign. Thanks bunches RpD for the "settings" idea question. I'll be back to report if the problem is solved so others will know of the solution, if they have a like esperience.

Cheers, Diligent


No, X-Notifier does not delete anything emails/accounts, yahoo or otherwise... unless you specifically click the delete button in Options.

And if you look in X-Notifier 'Options', Scripts (button)... you should see an XN-forums selection where you can enter forum name/password for X-Notifier to notify of new posts to entire forums.   Otherwise, no... apparently there isn't an option for individual posts to email notification of replies.

And, we haven't really seen anyone post a similar problem, Firefox or other version, except when someone uses a 'cleaner' of some sort which is too 'aggressive', taking out settings meant to be retained. Not many people have this problem, and previously it's not really an X-Notifier bug or problem... just over-aggressive 'cleaning' by user or other software.

We're not  here to argue but a 'gads. what is this' response to an attempt to help isn't exactly a normal response in this forum process.  Hard to tell where the frustration is being directed.Thanks for the apology; we do need to be very specific describing problems, whether it be accounts or emails... or in languages other than our primary one, clear to the poster or not. Sorry to preach... (I don't like to do telephone support just because people often can't describe situations easily... remote control software is much better ;) ...but eventually we get to a solution if we actually communicate back and forth.  Sometimes that's hard when we perceive being 'rebuffed' by an exclamation... I know I was 'taken aback'.

Good luck with the problem.  Often people don't realize how simple persistence to get a good reinstallation will solve a quirky problem, or... that situations can be caused by other software not working well together, or settings getting corrupted by... anything.


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Well, well...

I clearly said: "Otherwtse f.o."
Can't help you get so faint-hearted all of the sudden...

Funny, have noticed a donation is granting certain privileges with certain individuals in their opinion...

But happy with your apology to RpD.

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@RpD. The uninstall and reinstall did not work.  Your explanation is forthwrite, most certainly acceptable and mature (in my humble opinion leastwise). But what do you exactly mean by "settings" then?  Do you mean the input one makes in the xnotifier options page? I do use a defrag often. A possibiity? Got to be a reason for the disappearing act.  FYI, I do see some mention(s) in a google search of settings lost but they are in the comments to the xnotifier addon pages in Fx.

@jeroen: more continued head games/accusations, etc >no thanks, not particiapating in those subject matters either. Am leaving your discourse at that. Its all Yours.

Your Welcome, in advance.

Be happy folks, enjoy life whenever you have the chance! Smiles to ya all!

My best, Diligent