Source code repository for X-notifier

Is there a source code repository for the X-notifier extension? Maybe something on Github?

All I had to do was google:  x-notifier code
You can see "View the source" links here:

Hi RpD. Let me clarify. I'm not looking for the source code. I can already get that by unzipping the xpi. I'm looking for the source code repository that tobwithu is using with his version control system. That's why I gave an example of Github to try to make it clear what I meant. I did find a CVS repository at but the code there is not current. I want to try making the preferences window easier to use, and it will help to track the development so I can submit a patch if my redesign is successful.

So, like making tobwithu's add-on somewhat open-source collaborative?
You know Tobwithu maintains more than one version... mozilla products and chrome/opera/safari
I've sensed a reticence to some mods, but then I should stick to the shallow end of the pool.
(sorry... butting out ;)

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Source code repository is on my PC.
If you have modification please send it to me( will review and apply it.