Firefox 1.5 to 3.6.28 with Hotmail partily do NOT works.


Dear X-notifier user,

In case, you notice that Hotmail do not count
and dimmed on Firefox 1.5 to 3.6.28.

Because Microsoft/Outlook/Hotmail look at Firefox "old version",
it will show up in mobile page.

That cause X-notifier will not able to check Hotmail to get info
and count how many new email.

But, Good News, that X-notifier will "click-able"
and open mobile page with Firefox in old version without show count number.

I am sorry that Microsoft/Outlook/Hotmail with old version of Firefox,
that CAUSE you problem, and do not blame on X-notifier.

As of today, Feb 25, 2014, I have not test on Firefox 4.x to ?.x,
I do not know 'which is which' it will open in mobile page or not.
If it open in mobile page, then you will know that X-notifier will not able to check/count.

X-notifier will works from version Firefox 1.5 to 28, no problem,
BUT, it only problem with Hotmail's script with old version Firefox.

Thanks for reading and understanding,