Retrieving e-mail addresses after crash


Yesterday my Windows installation crashed. I managed to access the harddisk with a Ubuntu Live CD and made backups of my Firefox bookmarks and add-ons.  Since i always used X-notifier to check my e-mail,  i guess i forgot the exact e-mail address i've used and created for a study project. Is there a way to retrieve just the e-mail addresses used by X-notifier ?

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Restore whole Firefox profile folder if you need email address and password.

If you need email address only, you can find it in 'prefs.js'

If you can save the whole...
...folder, then you can place it in the new setup at the same path/location, and -then- use Firefox Profile Manager to define a new user of the same name as the old one, and FF should detect that there is an existing profile for that name and ask if you want to use it.  At least, that's how it has worked for me in the past.

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I've got some good Firefox nostalgia on some old hard drives.  Never knew how to revive them.  This procedure is golden.


Thank you for the help guys, works like a charm!