Missing Icon

I have a desktop (Win 7) and a laptop (Vista) both with X-Notifier.

All is well on the laptop but, for some weeks now, the X-Notifier icon has been (mostly) missing from the desktop's add-on bar.

I say 'mostly' because it does occasionally appear after a restart, or a system restore.

I sometimes hear the sound when new mail arrives but without that icon, I have no idea how to access the emails.

Can anybody help?

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X-notifier options -> General -> InterfaceCheck 'Show statusbar icon'

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Option already selected.

I've tried DEselecting and REselecting but still the icon is missing

How about an icon on the (navigation?) toolbar at top of browser?
(Or do you only want the icon in the add-on bar at bottom?)
You can try View, Toolbars, Customize... and look for the X-Notifier icon in the Customize Toolbar window (scroll it)... if you find it there, drag it out where you want it... then click 'Done'. (You can drag icons to the add-on bar.)
(are you using any cookie/settings cleaners?)

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There's no X-Notifier icon in the Customize Toolbar window, even after scrolling to the bottom.

There's also no X-Notifier icon in the Navigation Toolbar at the top.

The first time I noticed the icon was missing from the add-on bar, I restored my system to a point a few days earlier and the icon re-appeared upon restarting. That suggests some sort of update or other downloaded software has removed the icon.

I'm not aware of having anything that automatically removes cookies.

What versions of Firefox/X-Notifier?

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Firefox v. 19.0.2

X-Notifier v. 3.1.4


You could review your other add-ons... ??

(I'm using FF 20 (beta) with 3.1.3, just updated to 3.1.4  ...and no problem with icon. Perhaps a Firefox upgrade would help straighten things out.)  Or create a new FF profile, and load X-Notifier to see if icon stays put.

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I created a new blank FF profile and installed X-notifier. The X-icon duly appeared on the add-on bar after an FF restart.

I then opened my original FF profile and the X-icon was there too!

I have no idea how that worked but I'm happy now.

Many thanks!  :)

Welcome... now we see how long it lasts! ;)

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Lasi night, before going to bed, I closed Firefox.

This morning, I opened the default version of FF and the X-icon was again missing.

I immediately closed FF, re-opened the default version, and the icon was still missing.

I then closed FF, opened the new FF profile and the icon was there on the add-on bar.

I then closed the new profile, opened the default profile and the icon was there on the add-on bar.

Strange indeed.

And what if you disable all the other add-ons (extensions -and- plugins)... then add back one at a time?
(closing the browser a few times for each one, perhaps).  Something is interfering... maybe you can make an 'intelligent guess' about which one it is... a blocker or cleaner or something.

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A good idea. Thanks.

The only snag is that, in order to try it, I closed FF, reopened the default version and . . . the icon was there.

In case that was a fluke, I closed FF again and reopened the default version, and the icon was there again.

As we speak, the thing is behaving perfectly but be assured that as soon as it fails to appear I'll begin the systematic disabling and re-enabling of all the other add-ons

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With everything apparently working as it should, I deleted the new profile and the X-icon continued to sit dutifully in the add-on bar of the default version of FF.

All went well until I closed FF and it wouldn't re-open.

Upon restarting my PC, FF opened but the X-icon was gone!

Following RpD's advice, I set to work disabling/enabling add-ons and extensions and I found the culprit to be Speedbit Video Downloader.

Enabled, there's no X-icon. Disabled, there's an X-icon.

One thing's for sure, I find X-Notifier absolutely invaluable - so Speedbit Video Downloader is going to stay disabled.

Many thanks for all help and advice!