Trouble checking gmail

I ve a lot of prblem with 3.3 and 3.3a Xn notofifer since last night 

I  try on 2 computers it the same ...

I use your extension and it was an update yesterday.I use Firefox 20.01 and I updadted 3 4 5  times but doenst work well.

If I want to use it I must the first time to click on "options" in Modules pages !

When I click on "Ok buttons"  nothing ! I must click on "X buttons" ( high-right).

I ve the same problems on two computers ...

When I read a mail (mark read)  few seconds later the mail is mark  unread  ...?????

I v multiple account gmail.

When I m logging in gmail without you x notifier it s ok ... but with your Xntotifier I cannot record en I cannot send  ....

Perhaps authentification problems  


See you soon ... ( on chrome it s ok )

Updates can get corrupted sometimes.  Have you tried UNinstall X-Notifier/restart Firefox/re-install X-Notifier?
Do you have a lot of accounts?  Have you tried deleting problem accounts, restarting Firefox, and redefining accounts 'from scratch'?

Perhaps you could test for conflict with other addons?  Go to Tools, Add-ons, and click Disable button for everything except X-Notifier, restart firefox, check mail with X-Notifier?  To see if Notifier works, then re-enable other addons one at a time?

 Last resort, create a new profile for Firefox and install just X-Notifier to see if that works.