Do you have problem with hotmail?

It seems that hotmail is updating their webmail interface.
But this update is not done to all hotmail accounts at a time.

Updated account does not work with current version of X-notifier.
I need not working account to make X-notifier work again.

Please send it to

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Hi tobwithu,

some accounts works fine (nine), others not (six).

Those working, once opened, have an url like this:

where XXX is a variable number: 111 115 126 128 129 130

Those not working, once opened, have the same url but the XXX is always 109, for all!

I have sent to you the log file of a not working account.


I have three accounts... they are opening with the same server every time... either blu176, bay176, or ...and the col125 server doesn't wanna be checked, although I can open a tab to the inbox just fine.

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Please test if this version works for you.

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Hi tobwithu,

the beta version fixed the Hotmail problem.

Thanks a lot!

I had the same problem with the 109... your beta-version fixed the problem ! THANKS !

Appears to have fixed mine also.

Fixed my problem too! Thanks!

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I downloaded the beta version and i am still having problems logging into my hotmail account. Yahoo and gmail work fine, hotmail is my only issue... H E L P!!!

The link in this 'thread' may be labeled 'beta', but the version available on the Chrome Web Store is the same version number.

Have you tried deleting the account from X-Notifier, clearing cache/cookies and redefining the account?

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Yes. I deleted it cleared everything and nothing... why is it not working with hotmail? gmail and yahoo are working fine.

Do you have the LATEST version of X-Notifier (not 'beta')?  3.3.12
Otherwise, the absolute test is to create another Firefox profile, then add X-Notifier, and define  your Hotmail account.  If it works there, in the new profile... then there's a problem with your setup in your regular Firefox profile. Addon and profile settings sometimes get corrupted, so you'll just have to be persistent in troubleshooting, or more cleanly,  you could uninstall X-Notifier (and -remove- user data, when prompted). Then clear cache and cookies. Then RESTART Firefox, reinstall X-Notifier and redefine accounts from the beginning (do NOT 'import' old saved export). 
Hotmail seems to be working for the rest of us, with the latest version now.

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I've tried creating a new profile, clearing the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on--both 3.3.12 and the beta--etc., but to no avail.

X-Notifier works with my Gmail and reddit, but refuses to check my Outlook/Hotmail. The server my Outlook uses is dub118.