Have downloaded 3 times but never shows in control panel or on screen ANYWHERE

I've tried using gmail notifier which works fine with XP on my husband's dinosaur Dell laptop. Not compatible with windows 7. Found X-notifier but can't get it to work at all on windows 7, hp netbook. Showed all the options, which I filled out (couldn't find Central time zone on the list it offered) but it's still nowhere to be found. After downloading, program isn't listed in "all programs" or in control panel. Shows up nowhere. No icon on desktop, nothing in taskbar, etc. So any advice on how to get this thing to work? I've restarted firefox and my netbook, to no avail.

I realize this is a euro site. Is the requested "donation" a requirement? It only show euros on the site.

Thanks for any help!

from Texas

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X-notifier is Firefox extension. It is not an independent program.
If you installed X-notifier successfully, you can find it in

 Firefox menu -> Add-ons -> Extensions

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I was easily able to find it where you said right after downloading and installing it but none of the info said anything as to where to see the notifications. When I used gmail notifier years ago, it had an evelope icon in the task bar that would pop up when a new email came in. I was expecting something similar since there were no instructions that I could find that showed how to use it.

Hi...  (I'm another user of X-Notifier, not even a moderator here.)

It's really not as hard as you're seeming to find it.  (As admin says, it's not a program to show up with an icon... it shows up in Firefox... or whichever other browser/version you've installed.)

First... it's not a 'euro site'.  Donation isn't required for working software, but many of us longtime users recomment donating ;).
So, to donate from the US, you just need to notice the selector box to the right of the donate button, click the selector box (which may say 'Euro') to set it to USD (US Dollars).

Next, I just downloaded Gmail Notifier and installed it on Windows 8... and it works fine... BUT, if you have set your account settings at gmail.com to always connect throught the secure https addressing, then you need to download/run a patch... see the details at this link:  https://support.google.com/mail/answer/9429?hl=en&ref_topic=1153986

Last... after installing X-Notifier (which is a very good add-on for checking -many- different accounts all at once, like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many others)... the  X-Notifier yellow/gray envelope icon should show up on Firefox's 'Navigation bar'.... to the right side of where you enter web addresses. If you're not 'showing' the Navigation bar, you'll have to go to the Firefox menubar, click 'View', 'Toolbars', and 'check' the 'Navigation bar' to show it. 

If you'd rather... you can, instead, show the X-Notifier icon on the 'Add-on Bar' (which is actually the statusbar across the bottom of Firefox windows)... you have to enable both the 'Add-on Bar' and X-Notifier's statusbar icon.  To show the 'Add-on Bar', again you have to go to 'View', 'Toolbars', and 'check' "Add-on Bar".   To enable the X-Notifier statusbar icon, you right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon, and click "Options" to pop-up the Options window... then, click the 'General' tab and near the bottom, in the 'Interface' section, 'check' the box for 'Show statusbar icon'. 
--- If you can't see any X-Notifier envelope to right-click... you can go through Firefox to get to add-ons. On the Firefox menubar, click 'Tools', 'Add-ons', (click 'Extensions, if necessary), scroll down to the X-Notifier add-on... and you should see an 'Options' button. Then again, you click the General tab, and check the 'Show statusbar icon'.

Does that help?

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Immensley! On this tiny netbook, with my 62 yr. old eyes  (my Dell laptop is in their repair depot), I didn't even notice the small icon you are referring to. Thank you so much, both of you for helping me out!

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I ve same problem the 3.3a verison doesn t work well on two computers , I must click on options to see somethings....

perhaps http://googlesystem.blogspot.fr/2013/05/gmail-tests-new-login-page.html?...


Your post doesn't seem to be on the same topic, as this 'thread' about where to find the x-notifier icon.
Perhaps you should start a new topic and provide more details about what doesn't work very well??
And... in the new topic ...tell what you must go to options to see??
Perhaps you could title your new topic:  Trouble checking gmail   ??

You can start new topic here:  http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/add/forum/0