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Previously and the last few time when I was playing with the beta version, I could not remember what version I was running and had to open up my add-ons to see the version.  If there a way the version number can be easily added somewhere on the main page when you select x-notifier options?  That would make it so much easier then going to the browser add-on window.


 ---  Or an "About X-Notifier" in the pop/drop menu ;)

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I like that idea with links to get to this forum and section to download XN and to script section

Haaa...  Those links are a 'Help' issue >;}   ...clicking 'Help' on the pop/drop menu takes us to these forums.
But the 'About' window could have anything.


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Yep, I was missing that too...

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Help will link to: (FAQ Page)

Version will link to:

I do not think Tobwithu want to keep "remind" to update version number,
sometime he might forgot to revise version number that cause "error typo".

Myself I do not mind to look up add-ons to see the version. (I am sure you might check other version number on different add-ons go along with X-notifier. In other word, to kill several birds [add-ons] with one stone.)

On my Mac with Firefox, it will auto update X-notifier without my input.


Version should link to version number of x-notifier installed on the machine that's being checked.History could link to history page? ;)

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XN-version (Should add this one? hassle? ... for me, not worth to add it.)


At least, my impression of Tr3b's post is simply to -note- the -running-on-our-system- version number somewhere more... visible or 'appropriate' (like in Options or in an "About X-Notifier' menu pick)... so that it is easy for us to -find- and know what version we are running... particularly for those of us who manually update or who have to uninstall/re-install, etc.
--- It can be tedious to have to open Tools, Add-ons (or Extensions), and scroll to find out what version is currently installed in our machines. 

So the posts are not about making a script to check for new versions of X-Notifier... FF features can do that already and alright (for me anyway). 
-- Digressing from topic... I'm not sure if we have the choice to be -just- notified of add-on updates rather than just...  automate add-on updates...or...not. 
FF updates to itself can choose just to notify but not install... and add-ons can be set to 'use the default' (to automate or not... but again, I'm not sure if FF can 'only-notifiy' for add-ons... or how well that works).


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You are correct RpD. I am looking for a one click way of finding the version number, even if it means just highlighting an envelope.  Though other suggestions were good.


As an example, just now I was not sure if I had converted this system from the ßeta version to the released version and I had to go into Add-Ons to find out.


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Firefox 20 > Tools > Add-ons > Get Add-ons

At the upper right of the Get Add-ons page, there's a little star-burst (hidden name: Tools for all add-ons).  Click on it for a pulldown menu.

You can check or un-check "Update Add-ons Automatically"

You can also check or uncheck "Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically," whatever the heck that's for...

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@ neil  (we're going off-topic here)

Firefox itself provides three choices, basically, for the main Firefox program updates...

...update automatically,
...don't update autmatically (meaning you're left to do your own manual update),
...and thirdly... "check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them"
--- which means...  just be notified of available updates... you have to be notified to be able to choose. (You can turn that off too.)

The Add-ons however, only have the options via the 'Gear' button (Tools) which you spoke of...
...for automatic update or... not.
There is also "Check for updates", but that's just a manual firing of the check to make FF auto-update addons or not, depending on the 'auto' setting.

I have not seen an option for ADD-ONS to... check automatically, "but let me choose"  (just notify user of available  add-on updates).

In addition, you can go to the Add-ons window, and then go to -each- add-on and click "More"... which will then show you -individual- settings for the add-on ...where you can set each add-on to be automatically updated... or not... (or just follow the FF default).

After customizing various add-ons' update cycles... you may decide that you want to just remove all the custom settings (start over, or... not)... so there's an option to 'Reset -all- add-ons to update automatically' case you don't want to fuss with them all, one by one, anymore.

 There.... I think we've (I've) train-wrecked this thread thoroughly.  Just was pointing out that we weren't asking for a script to check the version for updating purposes.  

The idea is to just have the version number displayed more easily so it's not buried under add-0ns sub-menus... where we have to get out of X-Notifier to go see what we're running.

Not a big deal, just little extra clickety-click-clicks that can irritate.  

I'll stop now :-S

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Hey, train-wreck is my middle name.

>The idea is to just have the version number displayed more easily

> [how about] an "About X-Notifier" in the pop/drop menu

I'd vote for those.

There; train back on track.


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Accord to Tr3b said,
"As an example, just now I was not sure
if I had converted this system from the ßeta version to the released version
and I had to go into Add-Ons to find out."

ßeta version stay with ßeta version? (yes or no)


ßeta version will convert to the Release version, if any update? (yes or no)

I am sure all X-n user would like to know this,
because, for example, Firefox ßeta will stay in ßeta.

Sorry for back forth, because of too many Rail Yard,
I think, we did not get any train wreck yet, WHEW, smile.

I'll just say that FF has a regular 'beta channel', whereas X-Notifier does not... being only occasional beta releases. (So, if on 'auto'... why stay with outdated beta?)

And with the last beta release... I believe I saw my FF version of beta X-Notifier auto-update to the 'release' version.
(X-Notifier was set to follow 'default', Add-on updates default was set to 'Auto', while FF itself was set to 'check but let me choose'.)


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X-notifier beta version is updated to release version automatically.

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FYI...I have 3 differnet systems that I check XN with, and each system has had a beta version of XN and each system did not update to the relesed version.  I had to manually update, hence the reason for this suggestion.

But you have auto-update turned off, maybe? Or did a manual firing not pick up the newer release?

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I just checked and auto-update is on.  But I specifically remember on this system I am now that once I found out there was a release, I manually checked for update and the released version did not come up, so I had to manually update.

I think I've noticed that updates can be 'temperamental'... I manually checked when I thought it would update and didn't...  another time, it surprised me automatically updating beta to release.  May take time to 'percolate' through system... I dunno.

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Thanks, To-be.