anyone found X-notifier would clear all data once you restart your browser?

before it clear all account information, its performance was good, but it happened several times, I don't know where I did wrong, even some time I update the browser. Can anyone tell me why? why can't it remember my account and  password for all the time untill I clear them?

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1. Your Firefox profile may be broken.
Export X-notifier accounts information.
Create new Firefox profile and import it again.

2. There may be a conflict with other extension.
Disable all other extensions except X-notifier.
Enable one by one to check the problem.

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Hello Yangzhendon.

My Firefox 20 and X-notifier 3.3 were working fine.  I have 11 email accounts from five domains.

Then I changed a single Firefox setting:  Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Settings, and I entered a check-mark into the check-box "Saved Passwords."

A check-mark for "Saved Passwords" will erase all saved passwords when you exit Firefox.  It will also erase all the X-notifier data.

Then, I re-started Firefox, and X-notifier was empty.

Maybe you have "Saved Passwords" checked?


Before my experiment that caused Firefox to erase my X-notifier data, I used the Export button to save all my X-notifier data.  After I restarted Firefox and found X-notifier was empty, I used the Import button, and it restored all the account(s) information and X-notifier options.  Restoring everything with the Import button takes about 10 seconds.

The Export and Import buttons are on the "X-notifier Options" > Accounts window.

Using the Export and Import buttons to save and restore all your account information and options requires you to create and remember a password.  So, you don't have to remember any of your email passwords anymore, and you can make them as complex as you like.  Now, you only have to remember your X-notifier password.

Best luck,