FireFox 20.0 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: suddently, x-notifier desappeared

Hello All,

I've tried to find the solution, but unfortunatly, I've not found yet ...

My configuration is: Ubuntu 12.04 lts, Firefox 20.0, and last 3.3 x-notifier.

I'm user of x-notifier for months. But suddently, 2 hours ago, after an x-notifier automatic update, the x-notifier "button" inside the firefox bar, deseappeared. In extension list of my firefox, x-notifier was marked as "installed". But there was no more button at all, and no way to access to accounts. Then I uninstalled and installed again a fresh x-notifier extension. But ... the button is still absent and there are no way to launch it.

The only I can do is to have access to x-notifier extension via the preference link inside the extension page of x-notifier.

How to solve this ??? and maybe ... why did this happend ...

Thats a lot for your help


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Right-click in an empty space of the menu or the navigation bar and choose Customize... In the Customize Toolbar Window you should find the X-notifier icon. Drag it to the place of your choice.

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Hi Jeroen,
Thank you for your help.
Unfortunatly, there is no X-notifier button at all in the toolbar menu windows.
I've the feeling, the problem is deeper ...

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Perhaps there is a conflict with one of your other add-ons...

See also

Create a new Firefox profile and see if the icon shows when adding X-notifier. Then add your other add-ons one by one. This should reveal which add-on causes the conflict.

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Hi Jeroen,
Done: I went in breakdown help of firefox menu, reinitialized firefox.
Then I installed first x-notifier extension. The button appeared normally in firefox bar.
Then I installed the others extensions one by one, verifying when the confict appeared.
Chatzilla, Firebug, passed well.
Then Web developer: but this add-on does not appeared neither in menu nor in bar. But x-notifier button kept visible.
Then NoScript: this add-on does not appeared normally. But x-notifier button kept visible.
Then I uninstalled Web Developer: it made NoScript active and visible, and x-notifier still working well.
Thank you Jeroen, let say, it solve my problem.
(now I wander how I could recall the x-notifier accounts I had before I uninstalled x-notifier ...)

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Congrats... Lets hope it stays solved. (Did you restart your computer... ?)
And next time better first export your XN config thru the XN Options window, so you can import it again... ;-)
(btw: I did suggest to test it in a new blank profile, not in your existing profile)


Just a few notes...

If  you created a new user profile for Firefox, then old accounts would be stuck in old profile... you might manually move the old profile's x-notifier folders to new profile, but then you might get the disappearing icon again.

In X-Notifier 'Options', there are two buttons... to 'Export' your account definitions to a backup file, and to 'Import' the accounts from the backup file.

Also, perhaps in Ubuntu/linux version of Firefox... under 'View', 'Toolbars'... there may be the option to 'show the add-on bar'...
...and in X-Notifier, Options, General tab... there is 'Show statusbar icon'.  That's another way to show (a smaller) X-Notifier icon on the add-on bar.