How to add other email providers/accounts using custom Scripts feature


Scripts serving numerous accounts are written by admin and also contributed by others.
You can find these custom scripts for download here:

( Please look for your host on first page, if cannot find please look on next page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. )
Click on the Name heading to sort on hostname.
Now you can estimate on which page the script for your account can be found.
When the script is available:

  1. Download the script to some location on your computer
    (I have a folder named 'My XN Scripts').
  2. Go to the Options page from the XN icon menu.
  3. Click the Scripts button and add the script from the folder where you downloaded it (click Ok)
  4. The host script is now available from the dropdown left from the Scripts button. Select it.
  5. Enter Username/Password and click the Add button, which adds the account to the rightside list.
  6. Optional for Chrome: Uncheck the Superfish option...
  7. Click the Save button for Chrome / OK button for Firefox


Contributed by jeroen