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Hello, I will appreciate it if you could add a master password option, which when been activated, it will ask for the password before checking my emails, with this, checking emails could be manual, and a master password is needed . Thank you .

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1) Choice

That will you have to type "manual" user/password for first time start up...
After that it will automatically checking.

When you quit one of those program you will do it all over again.

2) Choice
Firefox => Preference... => Security (tab) => Passwords => [X] Use a master password (type your password and saved)
This method to protect to check your password from your co-worker, your friend, your children, etc... who use your computer, but they can NOT see your password but they can open your email.

3) Choice
You can put all info email/link/Alias in options, but BLANK password, it will keep ask you to type password every time you open Firefox. When you quit one of those program you will do it all over again.


You can read what we already discuss in past...

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In your #2, if others don't have the master password, they can't enter it. If it's not entered... how can they open your email?
Master password not only protects from using x-notifier, and opening x-notifier options (accounts list)... it also protects against viewing Firefox saved passwords.

Using Firefox's "master password" will protect against people using X-Notifier... UNLESS you start Firefox, and enter the master password on Firefox startup, and then leave Firefox open, unattended.  If  you open Firefox with the master password, and let others use the open browser (or leave it open, unattended), then yes, it's possible for others to open emails.


Note:  Chrome browser has -no- security, other than the Windows user account logon.