Does squirrelmail script allows automatic login to the account?


I just made a mail account at, which uses squirrelmail, and since I'm a great fan of X-notifier, which I've been using for so long with my gmail and hotmail accounts, I tried to set up notification for my new riseup account too, and I succeded in doin so; with the help of the squirrelmail script, it notifies the incoming mails, I also managed to have a favicon near the name of the account in the X-notifier toolbar, the only thing that I'm missing in respect of the gmail and hotmail accounts is the automatic login when I click on the account on the toolbar. In the account options in X-notifier (by the way, I'm using IMAP for this account notification), in the link field I put the login page, and when I click on the account name it just opens a tab with the login page where I can put username and password. I just want to be sure that there is no way to have automatic login with IMAP or POP3 accounts, if there is, please inform me.


Auto-login in a new tab has not been available for POP3 or IMAP scripts.
As you've found, you can put a webpage link in the 'Link' box (or a full program executable path, like for thunderbird.exe email client).

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