Drupal password reset never works

Sorry for the off-topic post, but my password to the forums never works. Every time I go through the process of setting a new password, the site never recognizes it. Every time I access the site, I have to get the password reset email sent to me and log in from there. When I set a new password, it says it accepts it, but then when I log out and log back in again, it says it's a bad password.

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As Tobwithu said
"It is highly recommended to use the same username
and password from the old forum for new forum."

See other forum that Tobwithu's second post...

http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/2 (see number two on url that is second post that he set up rule!)

I guess you did not...

What do?

1) UN-checked Host XN-forums (your user name)
2) Do NOT bother for several hours on XN-forums. (for example over night, while you are sleeping.)
3) (Next day) Access to XN-forum by type url http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/ (do NOT click XN-forums)
4) Update your password on XN-forum and Quit your Firefox (Safari, Opera, Chrome)
5) Click open Firefox (Safari, Opera, Chrome)
6) Type your new password on Host XN-forums (your user name)
7) Quit your Firefox (Safari, Opera, Chrome)
8) Click open Firefox (Safari, Opera, Chrome)
9) FINALLY, CHECKED Host XN-forums (your user name)
10) PRAYER, and hope successful !

Other topic, I am happy that you solved problem on other forum by choose "second choice".

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I followed your instructions exactly (except I did not pray for Step 10), and I still had the same problem. Should I have prayed?

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If you don't prayer because of your belief
(I am trying to make funny, as you said "Should I have prayed?" that make me smile),
then you can send private email to Tobwithu and ask him to help and solve your problem.

Because I can not think any else to help you at this point.
BUT I will prayer FOR YOU, that Tobwithu able to help you out! Smile.

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Perhaps you could just try setting up a brand new account.You do have to acknowledge the registration by clicking an activation link in registration reply to  you.

Otherwise, you could try clearing cookies and cache, and restart browser.
And then... disabling other add-ons, maybe, or security software (temporarily)... anything that might be a source of conflict... restart browser again, then try loggin in.

I just tested a newly registered account, and it works... reset my password too.
Good luck.