This Drupal forum setup is X-Notifier's own server/forum and not associated with the old mozdev.org, yes?

Is this the latest version of Drupal? (fixed/patched/up-to-date ;)

And this Drupal setup runs on Mollom server (or just uses Mollom for spam filtering)?

Just wondering ;)

(I see the Scripts page, Forums link goes to WordPress, at the moment)

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Yes, this forum is on X-notifier's own server.
This is the latest version of Drupal.
Mollom is just for spam filtering.

Scripts page is seprate php page.

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Hello all WMN and X-Notifier

My first test to post here.


How long can be edit? 24 hours?

How long before I can delete?

Thanks, CFBancroft

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There is no limit here.

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Is there a way to modify the XN scipt so it can login to this forum?

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I already have it.
It will be released soon.

[I expect admin will change the script with the next version release]

Can you find the extension.xpi file and open it to components/scripts folder to edit the app_forums.js file?

If so, for the Firefox version of X-Notifier, you could try changing:




At least, that got me to the new 'Recent' page... (get logged into new forum once, and it should 'remember' for auto-login).
You have to mod the js, replace it into the extension (rename xpi to zip, then back again), and -then- start your browser (Firefox, Sea Monkey, Thunderbird).

Don't forget that there are still posts being made to old forum, apparently.


Hi Tobwithu and the participants :D. 

First to thank for this new forum, and second to ask is it possible that this drupal forum eated all my 2GB RAM memory suddenly? Also it is very slow here at my computer. When ever I click on some link here, it's so slow with opening.I am using chrome browser.

Much obliged, Vlada ;) 

I not see this problem with FF19.

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I don't see any problem with memory using Cyberfox 1902

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I'm newbie for drupal management.
Is this happen too on other drupal site like this?

I don't know what happened before, but now is ok. I had opened only two tabs while I was registering on this drupal forum, and suddenly I got lost all 2GB of RAM memory. Now, every link which I open is quite fast, and without "eating" memory. :D