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X-notifier is removed from Chrome web store

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    I received following email from Google Chrome Web Store Team.

    Your Google Chrome item, “X-notifier (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL …),”
    did not comply with our policies on ads policy and was removed from the
    Google Chrome Web Store.

    They didn’t say what is the problem exactly.
    I suspect that the setaga module is the problem.
    Some people complained that they can’t find a way to disable it.
    (You could disable it in context menu)
    I added checkbox for setaga module in options page and uploaded upated version.
    X-notifier is ‘pendig review’ state now.

    In the email, they say.

    *Please keep in mind that your republished item will not be immediately
    published live in the store. The republished item will undergo a strict
    compliance review, and as such there is no guaranteed timeframe on when
    your item will be republished if it passes compliance.

    How can we make X-notifier back?



    Perhaps if there was a way for X-Notifier users to post favorable comments and assure them that the ad module was optional (able to be disabled)… if we had a contact address or webpage.



    @rpd: sounds a good suggestion.



    I’m thinking that this is actually Setaga’s problem… and you need to get the Setaga people to communicate with Google/Chrome Web Store, and have -them- ensure they are compliant with the terms for app development.

    I would tell the Setaga people that you’ve been removed from the Web Store solely due to their added functionality… put the responsibility in their hands and, unfortunately perhaps, I’d remove Setaga from your extensions until they guarantee their software has been certified compliant by Google.

    They may not be making the removal method or the related extension (X-Notifier) abundantly clear when their functionality is in use/active.  Some of the developer requirements from the above link pertaining to ads…

    Ads in Chrome Apps and Extensions
    Ads are considered part of your app for purposes of content review and compliance with developer terms. Therefore, we would like to remind you that all of the above [see Content Policies section] content policies apply. Ads which are inconsistent with the app’s content rating are also in violation of our developer terms. Please take care to use advertising which does not violate Chrome Web Store Developer Terms.

    Ads Context and Attribution:Ads must be presented in context with your app or clearly state which app they are bundled with. Ads must also be easily removable by either adjusting the settings or uninstalling the app(s) altogether. Ads may not simulate or impersonate system notifications or warnings.Ad Walls:Forcing the user to click on ads or submit personal information for advertising purposes in order to fully use an app provides a poor user experience and is prohibited.Interfering with Third-party Ads and Websites:Ads associated with your app may not interfere with any ads on a third-party websiteor application. You may show ads alongside a third-party website only if all of the following criteria are met:

    This behavior is clearly disclosed to the user.
    There is clear attribution of the ads’ source wherever those ads appear.
    The ads do not interfere with any native ads or functionality of the website.



    If you google “setaga chrome”, you find results of complaints posted which refer back to X-Notifier… and unfortunately, back to my initial post about Setaga here in these forums.  Setaga has some work to do, in my opinion, to better comply with requirements for Web Store, and to make Setaga’s function abundantly clear and abundantly easy to actually remove and not just disable.  Paranoid people/complaints have a much louder voice than users who are satisfied with the means to disable/things as they are.  I would actually almost consider Setaga to be an extension in itself, not just an ad within X-Notifier.  Setaga seems to extend beyond X-Notifier use… and this would tend to be -out- of “context with your app”.  So I think you’ll be fighting a losing battle to get Setaga justified.  Setaga should fight that battle… and ensure their compliance.

    X-Notifier should not be saddled with that problem.  I hope that you do not have contractual obligations which force inclusion of Setaga from X-Notifier into the future. Setaga is causing the problem… that gives X-Notifier grounds to push it back on them. Unfortunate to lose revenue to you, but make Setaga solve the problem.



    guys , check here  and you can reinstalled in your chrome. that’s what I just did.

    for the past years, I was using X-notifier but today suddenly lost it when restart chrome..   it’s very good working and I love it very much.


    now I found one way to get it back., and would like to share with you guys, let’s don’t lost it.



    @ aaron

    Thanks for that link… but X-Notifier is also available for download from the “Home” page… (just go to the top of the forums pages, and click “Home” in the black bar)…click on the “Chrome version” and it will download. (It’s the same link that you posted.)

    This topic is about admin posting information and asking for thoughts on how to get X-Notifier back into the Chrome Web Store, after it has been removed for review… most likely because of the Setaga advertising (which can be disabled, both during install and afterward).  It’s reasonable to include ad revenue generation in addons such as X-Notifier… but users of X-Notifier (most of which have probably NOT made any donations) are complaining to Google, resulting in X-Notifier being removed.  So, they’ve done themselves a real intelligent favor… discontinued X-Notifier in the Chrome Web Store… mostly because they don’t know much about installing add-ons.  Setaga can be disabled… easily.

    However, it should be Setaga that proves to Google that it is compliant, in my opinion.  One problem I see is that while it pops up shopping suggestions, it may not be “IN context” of the app (X-Notifier)… which is what Goolge stipulates for compliance.  Whatever… they have some concern apparently… beginning with loudly complaining users shooting themselves in the foot.

    I’m sure it will be resolved eventually.



    Perhaps if X-Notifier’s Options included a button to actually -remove- (delete) Setaga, -instead- of using the right-click menu of Chrome to -only- disable Setaga …that would probably be more acceptable to Google/Chrome Web Store.  I think they want the ability to actually -remove- the adware, and I think they want that ability to reside within the -addon- options.  Just guessing, but that’s what I would do. (Perhaps just ‘disable’ would be sufficient… who knows.)



    Yes, I added the option.
    If you install X-notifier for Chrome again, you can see it.



    I reinstalled my home computers this weekend and could not find this extension nor could I remember the name. I have saved the extension form the home page for when I get home tonight. I hope you can get it back into the store again. Good luck.



    Want to make sure future X-Notifier upgrades keep the “Use similar product search (Superfish)” checkbox setting… as set by the user, and doesn’t return it to default!




    thnx for the instructions on how to install X Notifier on Chrome.  Worked like a charm!

    Been using it in the office and after I few days I was sold!  Tried to install on my home computer, but it had been removed from the  Chrome Store.  Was really frustrated since this was the best addon I have found for Hotmail/live.

    Really good program!

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