Wrong behavior on Chrome version only

I have been using Firefox for several years but I decided now to migrate to Chrome for performance reassons.

This made me to migrate also all my addons/extensions and, of course, x-notifier was the first one that I intalled. But I noticed that doesnt work so well like it does on Firefox.

I have 4 Hotmail accounts added to it and always have been perfect on Firefox. I just had to click on x-notifier icon and select wich account to open. Or just left click and all accounts with new emails opens at same time each one in a different tab. But on Chrome it doesnt work like that. Sometimes it says that I got an email in the account "B" but the email is really in the account "A". Most of times I cant either change from one account to another or x-notifier just get me to the wrong one. For example, I select account A and it opens account C, then I try account B and it still in account C or just open a totally different one. Then sometimes I also get a message on OutLook saying to reload the page to load emails corerctly. When I do, it automatically changes from one account to another even without using x-notifier.

I dont know why this happens but seems like a problem with cookies (maybe?). I just would like to know how to fix it or if is a known bug. Most of times I need to restart Chrome to make it "work" a bit better again.

Regards, and thanks for this plugin.-

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The reason is that Chrome allow only one login at a time.
If you open Outlook page in Chrome while X-notifier check mails, your page can be switched to other account.
This is a limitation of Chrome.