Supports : gmail, yahoo, hotmail, facebook, twitter => Auto-check updated scripts

Since you add feature Auto-check updated script on 3.3a do not release yet...

WHY NOT move WHOLE Supports gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc to auto-check updated script.


I do NOT want to bother to update because of
- Daum (,
- Naver
- Nate

Let them update themself if they needed it.

Turn around, other people use Daum, Naver, Nate,
They do NOT want to bother to update with hotmail for example.

So MOVE WHOLE support to Auto-check updated script.

So that way your XN version will be SAME.
UNLESS fixed bugs or improve and version number go higher.

As XN user what do you think and have VOICE about this and
that cause Tobwithu will improve for future release maybe 3.5???

Thanks for reading and understanding, CFBancroft

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Not sure I understand, but... you mean admin should move the embedded scripts out of X-Notifier and into the Scripts page? 
And then auto-check could check them too, from the Scripts page? 

And so, the X-Notifier add-on install-package would have to have a Script-installer, the very first time... and prompt the user to choose Scripts, if there were none already installed? ...then the 'base program' updates/upgrades wouldn't include/install scripts if there were some already installed... unless there's a big change like from 2.x to 3.x, where we had to re-install scripts.

Is that it?


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For Veteran XN user, they can download from special webpage without embedded scripts.

Current there are TWO folder,
one outside of extensions folder, folder name xnotifier, inside that is user script.
{37fa1426-b82d-11db-8314-0800200c9a66}.xpi=>components=>scripts (about 15 .js)

I would like (15).js move to outside extensions to xnotifier folder.

Whatever any XN update/fixed bugs, they will include all support and put outside extensions folder.

As you know I always remove "XN-forums default" every time update XN.

Same idea, I can remove user scripts (for example daum, nate, naver, rss. etc.)
I will do this, that if update XN.

Some of people why need (force) update, just because of new Yahoo script is needed,
that they do NOT have Yahoo accout to began with it.

Since verson 2.0 WMN to 3.2 XN, if I count correct there are about 16 just only update support script, without any improve or bugs fixed. I notice that Tobwithu "almost never" update by itself until any user script need update, Tobwithu put along with new user script with improve WMN/XN. IF there are serious fixed bugs need to update without update user scripts. For example XN 3.3a "beta", Tobwithu will not update and he will WAIT until any Support Script need to update, Tobwithu will put together.

Thanks for reading and understanding, CFBancroft

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There are very few veteran XN users.
It is more important to focus on majority.

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I wouldn't mind seeing embedded scripts moved to Scripts page.
And, as mentioned, then... first time users would need a prompt to install scripts... this prompt could check for already installed scripts, so that 'base program' updates would -not- prompt, since it would not be first time X-N installed.  Prompt/install could eliminate posts about how to install custom scripts. ;)

I don't think I'd want two seperate downloads... original and 'special', though.

I used to delete default XN-forums account and even deleted Daum, Nate, and Naver scripts.... now, I don't fuss over them.  I just ignore them, because updates put them back >;}   eh. oh well.  

 [Edit] Well... ok... I guess a person could request embedded scripts be put in Scripts page also... no change to program... then all scripts could be auto-update checked.


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Move ALL support emedded scripts be put in Scripts page.

If it only Yahoo script need update, no change to program,
then Yahoo scripts could be auto-update checked.

If XN program need to update and
I know it will include all (Daum, Nate and Naver scripts) put it back into Scripts page,
I will remove everytime, I will not worry about it.

Other suggest... : false
will put embedded scripts page, if true

I hear any "Second It"?

Thanks, CFBancroft

p.s. Tobwithu's point of view "focus on majority",
most people do not know how to download scripts page and install themselves,
or they are "lazy to learn/doing".

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Don't know what ''  would do.

Turn auto-check on/off for embedded scripts?

(If so... don't see need for that... if embedded scripts are on Scripts page, might as well check for their update.)

Uhm, maybe you should say: "Please" move ALL support emedded scripts be put in Scripts page.   ?? ;-)

Or... "IF" move ALL...  (then)...  If it only Yahoo...

Admin's choice.


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Put BOTH. (for advance user they can install their choice.) FALSE (default same as for 4 years.) TRUE (look at Scripts Page, and ignore default scripts.)

If you look at AMO (version 3.1.3 NOT 3.2)

I notice that AMO slow process...

If  Tobwithu upload to AMO just update scripts, it will slow process before release AMO on their system.

I rather Tobwithu upload to AMO actually bug fixed or improve, not just ONLY scripts.

If fixed bugs or improve and scripts go along with update that is fine...

I rather to update script for example 3.4ss  'SS' stand for Support Scripts update, on website, without bother AMO.

Also Tobwithu can put all 16 support script into

go along with about 100 library scripts.

For advance XN user who setting "TRUE",
I can download and install script without bother any version 3.4ss.

Because Advance XN user do NOT want to WAIT for AMO to update it.

Thanks for reading and understanding, CFBancroft

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Well... ok.

But if embedded scripts are made available on Scripts page...
...why would anyone want to NOT check for updates ( FALSE)?

Doesn't make sense to me to -not- check for updates...if...they are available on Scripts page.  Usually Script updates are for fixing problems with scripts -not- working.

 Again, I think it would be good to put embedded scripts onto Scripts page... for update purposes.

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If set  "FALSE" FALSE (default, same as 4 years, since WMN 1, 2, X-n 3)

Current version at AMO is 3.1.2 ! (NOT 3.3a or 3.2)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TRUE

bypass at AMO is 3.1.2 !

check directly
even include all support script gmail, hotmail, yahoo, PLUS
Daum, Naver, Nate, (pop and imap script too).

Whenever bugs fixed or improve... AMO will update some time sooner or later will catch up 3.3 include all script support for who setting FALSE, but I already update scripts myself earilier because of bypass to check directly with auto checking scripts page. For Veteran XN Users can check scripts if works and they can report to Tobwithu in advance, for example gmail have too many problems because part of this world do not work and some do works or delay update part of globe.

Tobwithu update hotmail, yahoo, gmail on
People who set FALSE, will not see any update hotmail, yahoo, gmail
Veteran XN user who set TRUE, will see any update hotmail, yahoo, gmail

For any body can see with hotmail, yahoo, gmail.
They can download and install them,
but will NOT work at all because of setting FALSE.

put all 16 support .js inside FAQ folder people, and explain to set "TRUE"
who are interest in to help Tobwithu to test with scripts and others things?

As I said above
"I do not know what best method, I give you some ideas."


Got it?


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So... I'm guessing...

You want a setting (False) to keep general users on the regular-release embedded/'supported' script versions...
...and setting True would allow (kind of a 'beta') testing of update versions of 'supported' scripts... by (skilled/veteran) users (before the script updates are put in regular release program)?

If that's the case... I don't know that I've seen the 'supported' scripts needing to be tested.  It's a possibility, I guess.
I think for myself, I'd just wait for the 'final' release of fixed version for broken 'supported' script.

I dunno. I guess I'm not in much of a time bind waiting for supported scripts that break, to be fixed.

I can see the bit of dilemma between 'normal' and 'advanced' users... and so now, it's not so handy for 'supported' scripts be updated at Scripts page if 'normal' users have to wait for update release of 'base program'.   That's why I keep mentioning a script installer... then, even 'normal' users could install updates off the Scripts page and nobody need wait.  To some extent, I think scripts should be managed separately, but it's not my program.

So if I understand your suggestion... It's not a priority for me, so I'm going to drop subject :-/  Good luck. :)

[Edit]  P.S.  Oh.... well, if admin wants a switch for beta testers for things in general, besides scripts... then I guess that's a broader suggestion. Ok.

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Beside the Support Scripts.

If you (RpD) recall that I did suggest long time ago in old forum that,
I want to avoid "Get scripts"

I would like to see all 100 list .js and pick and just *add* .js,
WITHOUT download on local hard disk and *add* .js from local hard disk.

That is my OLD suggest, I do NOT know why not add that kind of feature, because of limited?

I guess Tobwithu need to explain that not possbile,
that Tobwithu did not explain WHY,
what I suggest from old forum.

OVERALL X-N are good program, that Tobwithu did GOOD JOB!