Sidebar to right side

For 3 to 4 years of WMN/XN,
I use Firefox and share with WMN/XN Window to keep on RIGHT side.

Until I found this plug in Rightbar...

It works great, and no longer to use XN Window and USE Sidebar with Right side plug in ...


I rather to use your XN with code...


extensions.xnotifier.sidebarRight : False
enable Sidebar to right side, if True


I look into internet, it seem simple code... Can you (Tobwithu) make one for US?

To move the sidebar from the left to the right you do add this line:

#browser {-moz-box-direction: reverse;}

To increase the width of the sidebar you would add this one:

#sidebar {max-width: none !important; }


If you make one . . . I will REMOVE Plug-in RightBar.

Thanks for reading my suggest, CFBancroft


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The problem is that I cannot move X-notifier sidebar only.
Moving all the sidebars to the right is not what X-notifier should do.

RightBar does what it should do.
I recommend to use it.

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Moves sidebar to the right side of the browser.
This was originally the "Sidebar on Right" extension by Collin Jackson, but updated for Firefox 3.0.x
Version 0.5 July 9, 2009.

and their website no longer... [www realmtech net] "Dead"

That was LONG, LONG time AGO...

I understood that moving WHOLE sidebar to the right, not just XN...

I like JUST ONE PLUG-IN X-notifier, without any extra plug-in with RightBar?
(You are "current and realiable". . .)

If you (Tobwithu) think that I MUST use RightBar Plug-in ("Dead"),
then I will download and install four computer.
I might help other people to download RightBar Plug-in to work with XN, when I visit their home.

Thanks for understanding, CFBancroft


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Well... (butting in) ...I don't think it's admin thinking you -must- use Right bar...'s more probably that he thinks it's not something he -must- add to X-Notifier, an email add-on... not a 'tweak' add-on.

There are lots and lots of features to do things, not related to email, that could be requested... but then they might better be put into a "suite" of 'tweaks'... rather than an email notifier.

Can't hurt to ask though... since notifier was added into Sidebar (with basic non-email bookmarks and history options of Sidebar, by default of the browser itself... that some people won't want moved).


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Do you like XN on right side? (without XN window)
I know that you LOVE Sidebar for long time...
Which side? Left or Right? and IF you are use OLD plug in RightBar Plug-in?
Because it very simple plug in. I have seen OTHER plug-in with "Fancy",

I do not want to download with Fancy with current,
not dead ones (RightBar).

Must... Suite... Tweaks...
we can discuss all night which best express WORDS...
Since English is my Second Language... as you know...

do offer Sidebar and Window for past 3-4 years!
So I ask Tobwithu do "a favor" to do "Tweaks" on RightBar,
Because XN do have Sidebar, and I knEw that must move "whole" to right side...

IF WMN/XN do not offer Sidebar for WMN/XN,
I will never ask to add features [Tweaks] on WMN/XN.

Go back the point
"Can't hurt to ask Tobwithu"
I am hope that Tobwithu will open his mind, after read this.

Thanks for Reading and Understanding, CFBancroft


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I don't think RightBar is dead.
It is not updated just because it still works fine.

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Actually.... I use Bookmarks bar on all the time and right-click drop-down XN accounts menu, and I access History from FF menu when I need it, so... I don't use Sidebar, except 'on-demand', opening it when I want to see it.

I'm not arguing against adding the tweak to XN... just commenting why RightBar is different from other email-based feature requests.

However... (Googling is Grrrrrrreat! ;) )
You can move the Sidebar yourself... by creating your own tweak in your FF profile.
1) Close Firefox
2) Find your FF profile...
     ...such as:  C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(random-characters).default
3) Look in profile folder for "chrome" subfolder...
     ....(if it doesn't already exist, create a "chrome" subfolder)
4) Look in chrome subfolder for: userChrome.css
     ...(if it doesn't already exist inside chrome subfolder, create a 'dumb text file' named:  userChrome.css)
5) Open userChrome.css with Notepad
6) Copy/paste the following into Notepad... (be careful not to mix it in with any other # {} commands, etc!)

/* Display the sidebar in opposite side */
#browser {
-moz-box-direction: reverse;

7) Save the file.
8) Make a backup copy ...suggest copying file or chrome subfolder (or... your whole profile folder) somewhere safe in case new installs erase the chrome/userChrome.css folder/file.  When restoring that, be careful you don't overwrite any existing userChrome.css file, just copy the tweak to any existing file.
9) Open Firefox and Sidebar should be on the right.  (At least, it works for me.)

 Also... if you want to change the width of the Sidebar, you can just move your cursor to the 'inside' edge of Sidebar until cursor changes to double-headed horizontal arrow, then click and drag.


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That worked like a charm.  In Cyberfox, there was no CHROME folder, so it was just a matter of creating a folder and a file and dropping within my Profiles folder.

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Yes, there was -no- chrome folder or userChrome.css file in my profile with FF 21.0 version either... but creating them worked there too.
I'm sure there are lots of other css tweaks we could add, if we studied >;}