Outlook.com support?

I was wondering if Outlook.com is supported.  If not here are the server adresses and pop3 info I copied from http://www.outlook-apps.com/outlook-com-pop-settings/

Logon Information:
User Name: your @outlook.com email address
Password: your @outlook.com password

Outlook.com POP3 serversIncoming mail serverpop3.live.comIncoming mail server port995 (SSL required)Outgoing (SMTP) mail serversmtp.live.comOutgoing (SMTP) mail server port587 (SSL/TLS required)Outgoing server (SMTP) authenticationyes, same settings as my incoming mail server

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You can use the Hotmail script to check your Outlook.com email.   Just use full address for username.
POP3 access available for both also.

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This does not work and I would like to add that I have 2 accounts, both with the same username but one is hotmail.com and one is outlook.com and adding my outlook.com username to the hotmail script does not work. So the above solution is not correct.

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Well... the admin (tobwithu) specifically adjusted the Hotmail script to work with Outlook.com quite a while ago and many people use it.

Yes, I have both hotmail.com and outlook.com with the exact same username in front of the @ sign, and YES, it DOES WORK.  
I use it, it checks both accounts, and it notifies me for both Hotmail.com account and Outlook.com account.   

So... try again.  Define separate accounts using the Hotmail script. Enter the username for each... one as   user@hotmail.com   , the other as  user@outlook.com   ...with appropriate passwords.   IF IT DOESN'T WORK, then your  installation is broken/corrupted, or something is interfering.   Many, many users are using the Hotmail script for Outlook.com

Also, for POP3 script... sometimes it helps to put the port number after the server entry, as in:  pop3.live.com:995

I have tested the Hotmail script with both hotmail and outlook accounts... in Thunderbird, in Chrome, and in Firefox ....they all work.

(Unfortunately for me, some of my POP3 script accounts are not working in Firefox... although I directly imported them from a working Thunderbird export. Sigh.  Software can be temperamental.)

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What Hotmail script are you talking about? The one built into Xnotifier? Because when I clicked to get scripts there is no hotmail.com or outlook.com scripts unless It is on the last pages which I didnt check as Outlook .com is not that old. 

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Yes, it is one of the 'embedded' scripts which come with X-Notifier.

You can't 'Get scripts' for Hotmail/Outlook... the Hotmail/Outlook script is updated, if need be, with a new release of X-Notifier itself.  Several scripts come with X-Notifier, but others you can download... they're all just scripts, simply some are included within the X-Notifier add-on... so that people can use it right away without downloading the major provider scripts.

[ I LIKE Hotmail/Outlook... it's a great secondary email. I use POP3 access in other email programs that don't provide a direct access method to the Hotmail/Outlook/Live.com interface. POP3 works just fine.  (IMAP would be nice for some, but I don't need it.)]

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Tobwithu already said in other FAQ post, regard to "script support"

Mine, I use pop3 will work only in "main folder" called inbox.

It will not show any subfolder... what I do?

I use iPad with Microsoft Hotmail, it will see subfolder.

Myself I hate Microsoft Hotmail but I stuck for 15 years! without any IMAP...

I hope that Microsoft will allowed IMAP in future.

I use gmail, yahoo and other who support IMAP to work with iPad.

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Ok thanks guys. I will have to remove, clear cache and reinstall and try it again. Maybe that will fix some of the other problems I have.

@CFBancroft: If i get inbox to show that will be plenty as I dont have any subfolders in inbox.

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Well, the Outllok.com email is working now but my other problems persist. The major one is that many times I get gray status of the emails checked as if they were unable to check. And the other one is that on emails other than Gmail I have to manually click twice from Xnotifier to get them to load on the screen.

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Hotmail does not working with my outlook for x-notifier! Please fix my chrome browser on my own laptop. I have laptop with windows 7. So, i can use my outlook email to get x-notifier there. But, won't working! I can see hotmail has a red color notification.