Since Hotmail moved to Outlook X-notifier does not work with an Hotmail account

The Hotmail script does not work any longer  and Hotmail account remains in grey.

The Hotmail adress is nowadays redirected automatically by Microdsoft to the oulook mail. The email adress works perfectly when using the web adress without using X-notifier

I have tried to use the outlook scipt proposed by Rainer Schuler.

To no avail.

Can anybody help

Many thanks


X-Notifier works fine for Hotmail... just now it detected new Hotmail for me.  I have two accounts and an account. Since there are no others indicating such trouble with Hotmail right now, it would seem to be a problem with your setup.

You might try deleting the account in X-Notifier, clear cache/cookies, restart Firefox and redefine the account in X-Notifier. (username should be the entire hotmail address...   Are you running the latest version of X-Notifier? (3.3.4)


That's exactly what I have done.

I deleted the installed X-notifier. Then I also deleted Firefox. Then reinstalled Firefox and  loaded the latest version of X-notifier.

Still Hotmail was grey and could not work.

What script are you using for Hotmail ?? is it the Hotmail or another one ?

Many thanks for your help

I'm just using the regular Hotmail script that comes with X-Notifier.
(You can also access Hotmail via POP3.)

What happens when you right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon and click "Check Now"?  Does it check the Hotmail account then?
I've seen accounts get temperamental sometimes for a while.

How about when you right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon and click the Hotmail account? Does it open to your Inbox in a new tab?



When I right click the X-Notifier envelope icon and left click "Check Now" my Gmail account updates but the Hotmail account remains grey. I get a message saying that Hotmail has not been verified.

AND YES when I left click the grey hotmail tab it opens Hotmail in a new tab.

Many thanks for the tip. I still miss nevertheless X-notifier indicating that I received a new Hotmail message.

P.S. I am using the Hotmail script as you do.

Many thanks for your advice

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@geraldhd: You seem to have taken severe steps to resolve the problem. Normally that would have been enough. I can reassure you there is no need to question the Hotmail script. No need to go there. Perhaps you should clean up more after "deleting" software? Like cleaning the registry and hidden files using CCleaner or ASC before rebooting? Just trying to help...

@jeroen: I am the ever conscious guy (too much :-)?). I run every second days Ccleaner to clean the registry and every time I delete a software. This does not seem to be the problem.

In any case many thanks for your input and taking the necessary time to do so..

In any case

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Please send me the log file.



I am always polite with people wearing a white jacket, they usually have a Phd ;-)

As advised by the link attached to your comment I have send the log file to

Many thanks for your help

Thanks to tobwithu the idiotic mistake I made was discovered.

Everything works again perfectly.

Problem is resolved

To help others, could you tell us what the problem was? 
Was it CCleaner cleaning out cookies/etc. ?


Real idiotic  :-( I checked three times the password which was OK. But I don't know why it was wrong. So I deleted the whole script, reintroduced  all and voila !! it works.

Thanks to everybody and especially tobwithu who gracefully indicated the error

Oh well ;)  ...thanks for letting us know.

One of the reasons I suggest clicking the account in X-Notifier's pop-up list, is that... with a good password should log you right into your Inbox.   And if the password is incorrect, that usually won't happen.

However, sometimes settings can get corrupted... so it may not work right; then you have to remove and reinstall... sometimes multiple times :(

At least it got fixed!