Notification opening multiple tabs

When I get an email and the notification pops up, clicking it now opens multiple tabs, each of which loads the email account.  It appears that the number of tabs is increasing.  With my last email received, X-notifier opened 17 tabs of my email account.

Window 7 Chrome 28

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In X-notifier 3.3.4, clicking notification popup opens all the accounts which have new messages.

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Do you mean that when you get a new email on one account... clicking the alert? or the x-notifier envelope icon? will open multiple instances of the same email account?  Do you have your browser set to 'remember tabs last opened' or something similar?

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Since today's update, this happens to me also. If I receive 3 new emails on Gmail and the notification says they are 3, clicking it opens up 3 new tabs. This didn't happen with the previous version and I haven't changed anything in the options. I'm using Chrome. Earlier, I had 3 new Gmail messages and 4 Hotmail ones. Clicking the extension opened up 7 tabs.  

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23 new emails in one account and clicking the extension opened 23 tabs of the same email account. 

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@BD Mayhem and @greeneyedsouls: Which email account?

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In Gmail and Hotmail. However seems to be back to normal now :D :D Haven't done anything other than taking the OS into hibernate during the night... I'm not sure this was the reason, it's not a system reboot, the browser was restarted many times before and nothing has changed. But anyway, seems like it's gone now and I still have 3.3.4 installed. 

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Fixed it in 3.3.5.