xnotifier & CPU usage



I'm writing you because I am using X notifier extension under Chrome last version / windows 7


it seems that X notifier,when enabled, is using too much CPU (over 90% of cpu usage when enabled) causing overheating


when I disable it , it returns to normal 3% or 4% CPU usage


can you help fix this bug,please?


Thank you and have a nice day.!


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Are you using Chrome 'standard', 'beta' or 'dev'? (version number helps)

I would unistall/reinstall... and then look for conflicts with other addons, or... security software.

I am using the last standard version of Chrome Version 28.0.1500.72 m

I tried to uninstall/reinstall but it didn't help I will look for some conflicts with other add ons

it's seems I am the only one with this problem..thank you for your help anyway

Finally I found the answer, it seems that the gmx.com script was causing this problem,I deleted it and reinstall it and now it works fine,

thank you for your help.Have a nice day