How much I must donate to get rid of the donate nag ?

Is it purposethat Donate nag comes up every time I start my browser ? I have donated twice already and wat to get rid of that nag.

The 'Thank You'/(donate suggestion) page should only come up once... if it gets 'stuck' on every time you open browser,  you can try CFBancroft's procedure(s) to fix it via his link above.  It is not 'required' to donate to make 'thank you/donate page go away... again, it should only appear once.

Hmm, I wrote on this thread:"X-notifier for Chrome, Safari, and Opera" and got advise for Firefox,nice :-o

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Chrome/Safari/Opera version 3.3.3 right now? (if yes)
Uninstall and reinstall XN.

before you do that please back up your data via export.
( )

If not works please come back and post what your experience.

Thanks, CFBancroft

Well... his advice procedure #2 still holds... uninstall/reinstall X-N (and as CFBancroft suggests... export your accounts first).

Lots of questions... sometimes we other users forget to check which forum question is in.