Notified about one yahoo account but a different one has the new email.

I have several Yahoo accounts and frequently and currently I get notified that a new email arrived at "yahoo account 1" but when I click on notification for "yahoo account 1"  a window with "yahoo account 2" shows with the new email. So to make sure that "yahoo account 1"  doesn't actually have new mail I log out of "yahoo account 2" and log in to "yahoo account 1" and see that there is no new email. Basically something is screwed up where Xnotifier tells me that there is new email in the wrong account. Any fix for this. I have seen this happen in Firefox and Chrome although I currently mostly use Chrome.

Did you use Yahoo's "Create a new email address" feature?
That does not actually create a new account, it just creates a new address for the same account.

Also, did  you export accounts from one browser and import them to the other?
Perhaps they were corrupted and the corruption duplicated in the other browser.
You might try deleting the Yahoo accounts in X-Notifier, restart browser, clear cache/cookies and recreate the accounts.


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I already send private email to Tobwithu regard to Yahoo issue.
I am Macintosh user 1075 with FF 22 and XN 333b3, CH/SF/OP 332.

Firefox with I mark as 5 unread to test for Tobwithu, It looks GOOD.
I export and import into Safari, do not show up any count.
but it works click-able into homepage.

Also, import into Chrome, do not show up any count.
but it works click-able into homepage.

One more, import into Opera (Fresh install FIRST TIME and Fresh install XN FIRST TIME),
do not show up any count. Even I remove account, restart and retype new account and STILL do not show up any count (should be 5 new email). BUT it click-able to homepage.

I did email all snap photos to Tobwithu few hours ago. (he might still in bed, and he will woke up one hour later. same as Japan time zone. 6am here.) I already email Tobwithu if any more test, he will email back to me if he need further testing.

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I re-imported my saved settings file from before and it seems to be working. I wonder how it got corrupted? If I see any more of this weird stuff going on I will add comment to this thread.